Third Time is the Charm

Hello! So today I decided to fly from Anchorage to Dallas!
I’ve tried to fly this route 2 other times, but my app crashed.

Flight Details

Flight time: 6 Hours
Server: Expert

“V1” “Rotate”

Climbing with beautiful mountains in the background

Somewhere over Butterish Columbia

Crossing the Border from Canada 🇨🇦 to the USA 🇺🇸

Flying over Colorado with the busy airspace of Denver below

Over the Oklahoma Panhandle

Desending intensives

On short final

Someone get me some bread, because this was butter 🧈

A birds eye view of us deborading

Overall it was a great flight with great scenery! I love all my flights, I love this plane and livery. First snow, then an amazing route, what a great day!
I took feedback and took all my photos in Free cam (Except for the last one)

Feedback was mostly from @MJP_27

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Thanks for viewing!


Nice photos! Here is your bread 🍞


Thank you!

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Great pics, always a classic flying with the old AA livery!

Ended up seeing you on this route while I was flying to Salt Lake before.



Also I have achieved grade 4

While it may have been buttery, what going on with that centerline?? 😂

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Off the centerline. But thanks!

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All jokes of course 😂 but next time use the HUD to keep you perfectly lined up 😉

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lol. i just noticed that