Third party projects for IF | Database

Expanded to cover all ‘third-party projects’.

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so much talents in this community

Thank you very much!

Val’s Infinite Tracker (Android app) isn’t here. :)

Hi @kenfre02. Could you provide the PlayStore link for us to add to the database. Thanks :)

Change Note

  • Added @ValXp’s ‘Infinite Tracker’ App
  • Added Compatibility Section for each ‘Project’

Just a suggestion but it would be helpfully if for the android apps you’d add minimum compatible android version.

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Thanks. Good idea! I’ll get round to doing that shortly.

Virtualcheck is android version 4.4 minimum 😉

Someone should add that LiveFlight is available on the web, too :)

(that feeling when one of your favourite platforms is forgotten…)


Added for you! @Cameron

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Just to note, I removed Infinite Passengers because people are not sure if it’s legit. :)

If there is confirmation that it is legit, it can be added back.


what do you mean not legit?

It is legit. Check out, they’ve got a review on it

That was a while ago, before it was verified.

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I can’t seem to edit the post - can anyone else?

I can - you can’t since it’s been over 3 months

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As @DipperDolphin can’t edit the topic anymore I’d like to add this here.

Check out Virtualhub

Can someone add Infinite Passengers?

Can a regular please add Infinite Passangers and this checklist site: ?