Third-Party ATC Client Idea

Hello guys,
Here is the idea:
Make a PC/Mac/Linux program or even website where you will be able to control ATC frequencies but 1000 times more effective. It will work via connecting your phone to the computer via Infinite Flight Connect while being in the ATC session. Personally I think that will be more comfortable to do that with a computer, but not with the phone’s small screen.
I am not sure if that is technically possible, but it looks like it can be done.
What do you think about that?

Hi, I understand that it might be more effective but can you explain me how it would work (if it’s possible to do)?

I think moving the mouse and clicking is less time efficient then just tapping it on the screen. At least if a were to choose a device, I would choose a mobile. Also, you wouldn’t really be able to you use the Drag feature.

I believe he’s asking for more API options so a third party ATC app could be made using the API.


That’s interesting, but I think it’s already “efficient” if you play on a tablet

  1. You enter into ATC session using your phone
  2. You connect your phone to the ATC Client program/website using Infinite Flight Connect
  3. You will see everything you see in infinite flight ATC session, but in the program’s interface

Maybe you can make keyboard hot keys, interface will be a lot comfortable, you will have to press less buttons to send ATC command…

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You can do the “click and drag”. ;)

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I see, it can be great if this can be added. Unluckily I’m out of votes

I think I can some time start working on this project, but I am not sure if I can do everything to make it working (I am not really experienced website maker, especially when talking about Javascript things). The trouble can be in getting navigation data because I can’t find it for free anywhere (I only did only import navigation points from infinite flight’s github, but I didn’t find any free FIR data)

it can be done, but why bother?

Technically it is kinda possible. IF API (localy over the network) allows you to issue ATC commands, but it doesn’t transmit any data about the airport or traffic. For that you would need IF live API, which has a delay, and you will also have to find a source for airport diagrams and map data. Not to forget the thing is that it should have the same stability as IF itself, which can be tricky on lower end PCs, not to mention the fact that unless you have a touchscreen, the productivity might actually decrease.

So, in essence, too much work for something that won’t be used much.


YES, this would help a lot I think. Sometimes WiFi doesn’t work well enough on mobile devices. But on computers or laptops, controlling could run so much smoother.

i hate clicking so many buttons on a small screen and it would be so much easier

Features is not for 3rd party ideas. The devs have a clear direction with mobile.