Third Party Apps to Use with IF

Hey fellow aviators,

Are there any good third party apps to use with infinite flight?

Preferring the free one’s.


Oh man… so many!

I continue to stumble upon new tools every once in a while, which is both delightful and aggravating (because search engines are trash lol.)

I’d definitely encourage you to explore the #thirdparty category.

The actual applications I use every single time I open InfiniteFlight recently:

  1. IFOperations
  2. In-Flight Assistant
  3. IF Checklists

Also, Simbrief just released an entirely re-designed application that can be installed as a PWA homescreen app now!


What’s that one big benefit to use sim brief than manually filing flight plan in Infinite flight ?

One benefit I’ve seen listed countless times is that it gives you reliable estimates of how much fuel to bring. There are dozens of other benefits but that’s the only one I remember off the dome.

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It gives a more realistic and natural route similar to how the planes fly the route irl. However there’s still much flexibility such as deciding the cruise altitude, the weight of the plane and more. Plus you can generate a pdf report that explains the route in detail which is a super cool feature.


After the update, it generates cargo amounts, takes into consideration extra fuel, passengers, even files stepclimbs and files SIDs and STARs depending on the runways in use. I use it for flight plans, it works very well!

Does cargo amount and fuel optimization lead to an increased XP earned after every flight ?

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Nope, but It does lead to not crashing 😉

No, but it always helps to have accurate and realistic amounts 👍

Do you pay for the Navigraph account?

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Nope! It’s a free account. (Sorry that took so long.)

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No worries at all.

I tried to create an account a while ago, but sure it was asking for a subscription.

I’ll try again 😊

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