Third Party App on Android

Hey IFC,
I would like to ask why there is great third party apps such as IF-Operations, Live Flight, etc aren’t available for android.


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Hello Syèd,

Live flight is available for Android, I usually use it however on another device, such as my laptop. If you’re looking for a good third party app there is IFAssistant which has co pilot callouts and cabin crew announcements, however it does cost money, and most add-ons (callouts like “Too low, terrain” and other callouts cost £5)

Hope this helps.

KLM 206

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There is no live flight on android. Only on IOS they have it.

@epaga is indeed working on IFOps for Android-no timeline as of yet for release but be sure to keep an eye on his threads.

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I thought he meant liveflightapp.

Yeah of course.This app looks stunning.

Thanks for the info.Appreciate it.

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