Third Party App Ideas

LiveFlight connect isn’t the flight tracker. No aircraft pics on the current deprecated version of LiveFlight connect.

(I guess it could be a feature on a new and improved LiveFlight connect)


well lets say both need some love

I’ve seen a few things on MFS2020 that would be really cool.

  1. An app that auto-generates a list of passenger names that will be on your flight. Throughout your flight, you see their overall satisfaction with the flight, general mood, and physical needs they have (hungry, sleepy etc).

  2. Another feature can be adding the ability to voice record your own announcements to passengers from gate to gate. You record a message, the app saves it and then plays your message to those passengers.

I think having both features would make the flying experience in IF even more immersive

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Is there anything that frustrates you about using Infinite Flight that you could fix with code? Anything you’d like to see added?

I’d recommend getting the API (either live or connect) set up and exploring what’s available. The Connect API has literally thousands of endpoints available for some aircraft. Play around, send some commands, see what you can do.

Find something you want to do with an app, and set out to do it!

I wanted to take a stab on that, but then I was on Linux and no joystick manufacturer could guarantee support on Linux (Especially if its not Ubuntu). There were ways to fix that too but it started getting too complex lol

Discourse has its own app. You can download it and use the IFC on their.

You could make something for.VAs. Not sure what though.

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