Third Heathrow Runway Approved By UK Government

LHR 3rd Runway Approved

Credit: CNN

As said in the tweet below by sky news breaking, the third runway for the Heathrow airport has been approved by the government. Now it is up to the airport to take charge and start the building process. Also reported by the Seattle Times.


Tbh they would need it. IFATC would like it too


Crazy considering just some months ago so many people were against it, this is good news (for us avgeeks). I’m sure that the people living in those towns to be demolished wouldn’t be feeling great, though…

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Also, I guess it’s them trying to keep up with Dublin, which is also getting a third runway

Huge congratulations to Great Britain for finally entering real jet age by getting the possibility of having an airport with more than 2 runways! Hope the Queen will be able to see it being finished, although not sure if it is wishing for a fast or slow completion…


Now this is amazing news! Glad it was approved!

Looking at you IFAET 👀


IFATC over workload incoming…

Looks so awesome , finally we can land more aircrafts without dealys!

But I think two RWs is enough. Because covid 19 period, there aren’t very planes to land

So we gonna have a Frankfurt type situation

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Yes, but COVID is not lasting forever. This runway will ease the overload after travel returns to normal. Remember, this runway will not be done for a few years at least

I’m excited! The new runway will allow for more slots for airlines and more airlines to fly to the airport!

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Combined with Gatwick opening it’s northern runway permanently, then subsequently building a bigger terminal and second runway to the south, London is going to have far greater capacity in the years to come. Very exciting!

hahaha, maybe they will name it the queens runway depending on if she lives to see it or not. i wouldn’t be suprise dif when she dies at some point they name the entire heathrow airport after her

This is a really big deal, I am thrilled to see how this impacts EGLL.

Honestly they shouldn’t make the runway super long mabey just 10k, Because I hope more Long Hual aircraft are in use but after COVID the A380 is pretty dead, The 747 doesn’t often visit, plus with new aircraft having pretty good performance, I don’t see a big need for super duper long runways mabey MAX like 13k Feet.

The key word there is ‘period’. It will end. By the time runway (whatever number is is) is built, COVID-19 - hopefully - will be under control.

This is great news for London Heathrow, but one thing I am noticing is that middle terminal Heathrow has, it’s doesn’t look to be going with the third runway

I believe this is great news for the U.K., but question why London Heathrow needs this over other airports like Gatwick or Manchester with older infrastructure.

I understand they have much higher traffic but believe broadening the UK’s international travel is the best way forward, rather than relying on 1 major international airport, expand Manchester or Birmingham to encourage more carriers.

Considering most people outside London won’t transit through Heathrow due to lack of flights (Leeds sees 1 flight a day and Manchester has been cut back to 3) and the cost of BA flights, it is more convenient to transit in AMS, CDG, FRA, MUC or the Middle East.

Shouldn’t we be trying to fix this issue and update the UK’s frankly disappointing and ageing air infrastructure within the rest of the country too?

I understand LHR are funding this, but there is also suggestion of government aid, and I believe the U.K. should start to build or redesign their other airports.

Just my twopenneth

I would of thought so since I’ve doubt it will be finished within 5 years

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