Third Event Of Vietnam Airline VA @ EBLG - 171000ZSEP16

This is the third event of Vietnam airlines VA. This event will be at Training sever 1.
You are still welcome to join the event if you want to have fun with us:

  • We will FLY from EBLG to EHAM, on the way to EHAM, we will a touch and go at EDDL
  • We recommend you to use Boeing 787-9 and Airbus 321(Vietnam Airline), or you may use other liveries if you want.
    -Flight plan will be provided in the day
    -ATL: below 26000ft
    Note: Please follow the rules, ATC instruction and confirm if you are joning this event
    Thanks for joining us
    (Vietnam Airline: Reach Further)

Would come if I still, had live 😭

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Can someone takes photos for the event

Flying :D NO ATC at this time :(

Maybe you could video the event lol?

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