Third day on the Ramp: My Thoughts so far

2nd picture can make people think it is IF screenshot.

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Great job! Those photos are amazing. I hope you get your badge soon.

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You know what, I’ll give a more detailed reason why I can’t be near an International arrival/departure aircraft, but Can be near a domestic arrivals/departure aircraft

So we all have to have a Badge, which must contain a U.S Customs and border Seal, which grants you to be allowed inside the Customs hall for any reason whatsoever.

The PSM Terminal houses the on site Customs facility (hence the “International” in the name). We regularly get Military chartered International flights from Europe from Atlas Air (Both Cargo and PAX), as well as some civilian international flights.

I am told we would have to go through “customs” in order to work on the aircraft, but that is something I don’t fully remember, all i know is that Customs won’t like it. I could get a visitors badge, but that would take two hours to process.

This KC-10 was an International arrival.

Now for domestic,
I can go near domestic because for some reason, we have to pass TSA, just like everyone else. And just like everyone else, we have to do the normal procedure as if you’re boarding a flight. Because I don’t have my badge yet, I’m subject to the usual take off everything deal, while badged people can get through without taking off a lot of stuff.

The good thing is that we skip the entire line when dealing with domestic arrivals into the terminal.

This Allegiant flight is a domestic flight, coming in from Punta Gorda, FL (8-2-2019)

Please note not all airports are the same, and are subject to change. Please do not think this is how life on the ramp is. Not every place is the same


A Ramper! Very important job, stressful, I imagine requires a lot of skill and managing skills. But looks like it is very dangerous as well, with all that heavy machinery about.

Enjoy your brilliant job! Be safe ;)

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Every job is dangerous no matter what you do. You just need to be careful on what you do.

Of course I’ll get training on how to properly do things.

THANK YOU! I got a pair given to me on my first day


I love the last photo too!

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