Third day on the Ramp: My Thoughts so far

Today was my third day. I stayed on the Computer doing training stuff (Shell Aviation) for almost my entire shift. My Manager is super nice and lenient, and funny too :)

While It’s boring sitting on the computer, they do take me out onto the ramp to observe.

Today and yesterday, I went out to see how to fuel an Airbus A320. Allegiant flies into PSM on certain days at certain times.

Yesterday, I was also taken out to the ramp to see how to work on a KC-135. I did not bring my phone when it happened though, as I left that on the office desk where we come in and clock in.

I certainly can’t wait to get my badge soon (I have to go to school to get my badge) so i can train on the ramp more. I’m close to done my Computer Training, and will be done the next time I return to work.

Here are some pictures from today

Towing this GA plan to Ramp 205 (If I remember)

Atlas Air Boeing 747-400F coming in from Europe, parked by the Terminal*

Allegiant Air Airbus A320, coming in from Savannah, GA

Underside in between the fuselage and engine. On my left is a little thing to preselect fuel

Lastly, a great sunset on the airfield

Let me know if you liked the pictures :) thanks for viewing!

*Due to me not having my badge, I am not allowed to be near an International flight.


I love the last photo!


OH MAN!!! U are so lucky enjoy every moment of it and I wish u da best

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Ooooh, exciting! Where in Europe was the atlas air coming from?


Someone’s having a bit too much fun at their new job. 😜

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Where do I sign up?!

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Google search “Ramp Jobs at XXX airport” and a list should come up

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I’m just joking, cause there job seems incredible. Doubt a teenager could get a job at ATL though 😒


You could get a job at London Heathrow gonna do that when I turn 16

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London is a bit much to balance with High School lol. I’d go broke in a day


Lol I love in london

We can continue this is PM if you would like, we’re getting off topic

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I see Airbus haven’t sorted out the Wing Bleed warning when the temperature is over 30 degrees!!!

Always used to offer the fueler a cup of coffee or a tea when I was doing the walk round on short haul!

Welcome to the family of us ‘ramp rats’ ;D


@Daniel_Cerritos why are you not allowed to go near International flights as you don’t have your badge? Wouldn’t it be like many other flights?

Nope. Its due to Customs. I can’t be near it due to security reasons. But once I get my badge and customs seal, I’ll be able to go and fuel them

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If you have a drivers license, you should be able to get the job. Give it a try


Nice picks

From working 2 years on at a major cargo ramp, I have 4 words for you… WEAR YOUR HEARING PROTECTION!

I cannot stress that enough. Granted you may not get the amount of planes I was around, but the db’s those engines produce are dangerous, and very high frequency. Even if it’s just for 5 minutes to Marshall a plane in, wear em!

Good luck bud, it’s a great job if you are into aviation!


I definitely second this. While the engines are still loud with the hearing protections, its a lot better and helps protect them ears

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Great post!
Did you make similar posts of your 1st and 2nd day? If you did, perhaps good to add the links to these…

All the best with the training!