Third Dash 8 Q400 Flight @ KCAE - 202000ZMAR16

Need ATC For:


Server: Advanced

Region: Charlotte, North Carolina

Airport: KSSC - KCAE - KSSC

Time: 2000Z

NOTAM: I’m happy to say that our first event was amazing! Now, our second! Just a week after the iOS update came out, and the first event, the Dash 8 Q400 is soaring throughout Infinite Flight! We will fly from Shaw AFB (KSSC), touch and go at Columbia Metropolitan Airport (KCAE) and land back at Shaw AFB. We’ll do this 5-10 times. I’ll have an (epic) FPL ready. Make sure you make your callsign Test Flight, Experimental, Corporate, Made-Up, or IFFG/IFWP - in FDS livery ONLY XXX. Expect more people because of the new menu :) (I hope Maxmustang will find this event 😢 in the menu or here, XD I’m copying @JFKPlaneSpotter101)

Liveries Allowed

House Colors
Any Other


@PlanesForLife - TWALF1; FDS Livery

(@Swang007 thanks :)



Will see if I can come. If I do, I will be FDS512 (my IFAO callsign)

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No it’s is Next week saturday


@PlanesForLife - TWALF1; FDS Livery
@Benedict_Thompson1 - FDS272; FDS livery

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Thanks for clarifying!

Wow, not a lot of people.

I’ll be joining

Why only non-airline liveries? By the way I might be there.

I changed it to any livery!

@MishaCamp sorry, can you change it please!

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