Third Consecutive IF app crash

Hi Everyone!

I am a Grade 4 pilot with over 1500 flying hours. Due to my busy daily schedule, I find it difficult to fly during the daytime.

So, a good routine I developed quite a while back is to do overnighters every day taking off around 9pm and landing in the morning just before my day begins. This has been my consistent routine for over 6 months now and has never presented me an issue. I can safely land after a 10-12 hour flight without errors.

However, for the past three days, my IF app has been crashing without fail. Each night I take off, reach cruise altitude and go to sleep. I wake up only to find a pop up on my screen saying “Infinite Flight app has crashed”. According to my logbook, the flight duration varied from 4 to 9 hours before crashing. The server flown is always expert.

I assumed it was either my phone’s fault or an IF server issue causing my app to crash, so I decided not to bring up the issue immediately and wait a couple of days.

Now it is the third consecutive day my app has crashed. Unfortunately, I have not yet tried to do a long haul in the daytime under the same conditions, so a comparison is not yet available. I plan to do one this weekend.

For those wondering, these are my device specs:

Samsung Galaxy Note 9
Snapdragon 845
315GB / 512GB available
6 GB / 8 GB RAM available

I have not installed any new software on my phone for over a month. No other app is havng this issue. I have already done the obvious :

  1. reinstalled IF
  2. cleared my scenery
  3. restarted my phone
  4. closed all other background applications
  5. decreased the graphic settings etc.

I do not use any side third party app in connection to Infinite Flight.

Any solution or advice would be appreciated.

Amaar Viqar


Hello just try these steps !

  • Clearing Your Scenery Cache. (Settings > General > Clear Scenery Cache > Yes)

That in most cases solves the problem. If that doesn’t work try:

  • Re-installing Infinite Flight completely.
  • Restarting Your Device.

Hi George. Thank you for your response. However, as described above, I have not only performed these steps but many more as well in an attempt to fix this issue.

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Ah my bad didn’t see the last part

Hey Amaar

What setting do you currently run IF on? And does this happen on all aircraft?

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Hi Khyle!

I always run the game on full high graphics. However, in an attempt to resolve the issue, I have already tried flying with low settings but still the app crashed.

Yes it has happened on multiple aircraft. To be specific a B787-10 , B777-200ER and A380-800.

hmm try to free some ram up ?

I have 6 GB RAM free and available

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If this does happen only during night time then test a long haul flight during daytime. Once the app crashes you would then know when and probably why. In the night time you only hope for the best and you have no idea what will happen during your flight.

  • Elsewhere maybe it is your phones fault. Maybe it started preheating your device in the middle of your flight… There could be many possibilities and you should investingate it yourself sometime during the day.

Hope this helps, :)

Ah yes @Kuba_Jaroszczyk . I am also thinking on the same lines.

Most probably there is a big chance my phone is at fault. I will definitely fly a long haul this weekend and investigate.

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He did all that.

So just to be clear, it’s not your plane that crashes, but the app.
This sounds like a memory issue to me. As mentioned, it may be good to see what happens if you lower your graphics settings.

And, but you’ve probably done this, reset your device or clear your memory before starting IF

@Amaar_Viqar have you had other app crashing on your phone?

I’d say he has enough memory which he mentioned above… Atleast 2Gb is enough as the planes download automatically. My device used to crash all the time when I ran out of storage.

No @azeeuwnl. Only Infinite Flight. And this is the first time ANY app has crashed on my phone. I have it since the release and have never seen an app crash before.

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Note 9 App Crash

The Note 9 is a very new phone, that should be handling pretty well. When you fly do you have 'Do Not Disturb Mode’ activated? A call or notification could make the app crash. But I suggest trying the steps in the website I linked above.

In some rare cases, You may need to factory reset your device. Please ensure you have saved/backed-up all valuable information stored on your device before attempting this.

Do not disturb is activated and I usually fly with airplane mode (since I am never expecting a call during sleep). It has never presented me an issue before.

You’re confusing RAM with storage here. Two very different things.

@Amaar_Viqar - can you go into the General settings in the app and check if you have Connect API & ForeFlight API turned on? If yes, turn them off (uncheck the boxes). I’ve been looking into a crash issue on Android recently and have some wild theories…

Also, make sure you’re not running the app through any enhancement apps Samsung provides. Those generally don’t work well with Infinite Flight.


I think a few people are confused with the RAM and storage so let me just clear that first.

I have 6 GB available RAM which is NOT in use.
I have 315 GB available storage out of 512 gb total.

Secondly, @schyllberg yes I always fly with foreflight API turned OFF, since I don’t use foreflight. Cannot say the same for the connect API though. I believe that is ON.

Lastly, yes you are correct. I am running the game through the Samsung Game Launcher (in-built) rather than directly. So I will surely keep that in mind when I fly my test flight this weekend.

I am interested in hearing those wild theories though 😉

Oh wait ! @schyllberg I just remembered a monthly security patch firmware for December 2018 was just installed on my phone this past week. Maybe it contained some bug which is messing with my Infinite Flight app.

Oh dear, if that is true then I am going to have to wait a whole month for the January update to get this fixed 😭

@Jeno_Farkas - you might want to see this (he and i have been discussing this recently and he mentioned a patch…)

@Amaar_Viqar - Try turning off the Connect API That’s the only thing that theoretically could be affected by a patch and that we can give a shot right away :)

One theory Jeno had was that the WebView process within Android had something to do with this, as longer flights were possible after he killed it. This started to happen pretty recently for him too and he mentioned a recent security patch. I don’t believe the API’s are in any way related to the WebView process though, but as i said… wild theories and speculations :)

I’m not an Android user myself currently so i rely on others to test things for me.


Interesting theory !

I will perform my next flight tonight using your suggested parameters and get back to you with my findings in about 18-20 hours from now.

Thanks for all your help.

– Amaar