Third Aviation Crash of the Day

This will be the third (that I’ve seen) crash that we’ve discussed today. Happened in South Carolina this afternoon. Two fatalities with more injured.


Always hate seeing this - I have a funeral for a friend who was just killed in a plane accident out here, what a bad year it seemed like.


That’s terrible man. I offer my sincere condolences. It does seem to have been a rough year for aviation. Although I do wonder if it has just been covered more by the media this year or if there has been an influx of incidents.


So far in Alaska alone there’s been 75 incidents/accidents, think we’ve gone above our “How many people will die” limit this year that the Feds post.


Wow! That is quite a few. We still have 3 months in the year left with rough weather coming. It will be crazy to see the final talley for 2018.

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I don’t really think that two fatalities constitutes a small aviation incident. The loss of human life is a bigger incident than a plane having a malfunction with its nose gear and even the water landing earlier today (stories both discussed on the forum today) So if you think this is a small incident please post the above references that you mentioned on the two other crash stories from today. There should be consistency in your criticism.

Oh I’m so sorry for your loss

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I wouldn’t really consider this a small crash and this is terribly unfortunate. 😔

@anon93248082, I am deeply sorry for your tragic loss. May your friend Rest In Peace. 🙏

Because having 2 fatalities holds the same weight as an entire airliner with the potential to have tenfold the number of lives lost. No it doesn’t, it’s miniscule compared to that. Blame perspective. Sucks that it happened

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