Thinking on buying Live.

So, I´ve been thinking on buying Live, what advices could you guys give me?

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Buy live+, get everything for a year


Live + … Best Choice !

All planes and regions unlocked and you have live for 1 year !

Is this the First time you are purchasing live or …

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Try 1 month live to see if you think it is worth it. Then decide if you will be able to fly enough to justify a years purchase or a month purchase


@Boeing707 said it best. I personally like to orchard everything separately and but line monthly.

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I wasn’t sure either and got Live+ nearly a year ago (I think at the time there was only + option)
Best decision ever, I think it’s worth it. I fly what I am in the mood for and its def the full experience.

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Live + is the best choice in my opinion

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Looks like Hamza, Dawud, Mason, and I all agree that Live+ is the real deal. But as Boeing said, you might want to start out with just one month to see how you like it first. Then, if you are enjoying it, I would definitely consider purchasing Live+ because it is by-far the best in my opinion.


Live+ isn’t always about the live it’s mostly the free regions and planes. But try out and also if you do get live + and you don’t get all aircrafts offline just put your device on airplane mode then relaunch IF and all aircrafts will be available (live+ only). Some people have trouble accessing offline since they are not connected to wifi or they have disabled the cellular usage for IF. But somehow it thinks it’s online but can’t connect

I’ve never had that issue happen to me before.

I almost have everything. Except a couple of aircrafts.

First time.

In fact I was wondering what should I take into account inside live. You know, procedures and stuff.

Well you are truly missing out ! Buy Live when you could !

What should I know before entering the ATC server. I already bought it.

Some Advice …

  • Always follow the ATC Commands given to you !

  • Be respectful to others

  • Always keep in mind that maturity is needed while flying !

  • Always Have Fun !

And the pattern?

What do you mean by pattern ?

Do you know what it means or should I help you ?

What should I do if I’m told to follow the pattern?

These should help you out :