Thinking of Canceling

Hello people. I have created an event in the past month called The Great Juneau Flyout, and I just now realized that all the aircraft that people have reserved a gate with are too large for Juneau. I need the community’s opinion on if I should cancel the event (and most likely make another one on the same dates at a different airport) or ask people who have reserved a gate to change to an aircraft that is a CRJ-200 or smaller.

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Maybe PM the affected members and ask them? They’ll probably have more of a say than the rest of us. Personally, I’d just change the aircraft.

This is quite a problem though, because FDXV has already reserved 10 gates at Juneau.

Did you want to restrict it to a CRJ-2 for the entire airport? The airport handles 737s on the daily, so that shouldn’t be a problem, or is it specifically the cargo ramps that are the issue

Only the 6 terminal gates can hold a CRJ2 or larger.

Biggest that can fly in there is either a 737 or A321 also possibly and b752 if I am not wrong but I don’t know much about Juneau

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