Thinking Ahead Regarding Future Updates

@TACA321 If you read my paragraphs, I was talking about only aircraft :) I think there are other threads for general wish-list stuff.

I’m surprised the military aircraft are last on the poll right now… Hmm. (I voted for the A333 update/overhaul however, so can’t be a hypocrite)

You shouldn’t. Those are trickier to control.

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I honestly feel like IF is not a good home for military aircraft, I feel IF is the home for commercial aircraft.

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@nicochile2 I can see your point. I tend to agree, although it is still fun to have some military escorts and see fighters at military bases. Also, as I mention, IF’s military selection is only so-so. If they expand the fleet, it may open up some more options…

I see what your saying but I’m asking talking about ERJ-145/btw i know this comment is old

CRJ or 757 overhaul would be nice…

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