Thinking Ahead Regarding Future Updates

Many people have discussed about what they really want to see in the future for Infinite Flight. While the devs are still hard at work on the 787 (and eventually Global), I was thinking ahead to what other (and this post is specific to aircraft currently in IF) aircraft the Infinite Flight devs might look at revamping in the future. Again, I’m focusing only on aircraft — not global, taxi lights, etc… And this is only speculation, not confirmations, not feature requests! :)

Military Aircraft: Infinite Fight has a relatively light military aircraft selection, although they do have a nice range of fighters. This update would improve flight physics (which the C-17 needs badly) as well as a couple new liveries (Blue Angels F/A-18 anyone?)… Possibly a bomber or surveillance aircraft addition.

CRJ Overhaul: Redesigned CRJ series with improved flight physics, more liveries, and potentially the addition of the -700, or -900 series. Perhaps an addition of APPR? This would b the most similar to an A321 or 787 update, where everything needs revising. (The other options here really just need more of 777 update).

A330/A340 Overhaul: New liveries, improve flight physics + APPR, and new variants (A332, A344, etc.)

Boeing 757/767 Overhaul: Improved physics + APPR, new variants (753? 764ER?) new liveries?

And some other “less necessary” updates, such as a rework of A380, 717?, and 737 physics, plus a couple new liveries on both those aircraft.

Anyway, this was just some ideas I was thinking of this afternoon. I hope this isn’t a duplicate (I don’t think anything really directly related to what I was describing above). Also, the devs have been doing a great job on the 787, so I don’t want this to look like I’m already overlooking the great update we will soon acquire. It was, again, just some thoughts… :) Also, I included a poll below just to see what people like the most out of the above options. And maybe the devs would like to add their opinions?? ;)

  • Military Aircraft Overhaul
  • CRJ Overhaul
  • A330-A340 Overhaul
  • 757-767 Overhaul
  • A380 + 737 Overhaul

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PLEASE NOTE: After some discussion below, seems the 717 and ERJs were forgotten by me. Oops :) So, the 717 I feel would go under the A380 + 737 (somewhat misc.) Overhaul category, while the ERJ would go with the CRJ Overhaul. Something to keep in mind when voting on the poll. Thanks for all the discussion!


APPR will be added in all aircraft.

All aircraft that have it in real life, will get APPR


In a moving car can’t talk much if I do expect typos.

I’ve always thought there were additional things to APPR I thought all aircraft will have it in IF.

In a moving car can’t talk much if I do expect typos.

I’ve always thought there were additional things to APPR I thought all aircraft will have it in IF. No wonder the Dash 8 had no APPR


a380 should reworked since global is coming, and the a380 is the King of the globe!


@dylan_dylan31 Haha. Yes, I would think the A380 could use a little reworking, but at the same time the A330 and A340 cross the globe, and they could use a little more attention vis-a-vis liveries and physics :)


How did you get your poll to look like that?

@Potato_pilot The automatic poll option when you create a new post. It’s under the cog wheel…

The A380 doesnt seem to be the most needed with physics. The CRJ absolutely needs it and the C17. Minor adjustments on the 717 and the A330/340 need some reworking. I would say reworking needed are

From most to least

  1. CRJ
  2. C17
  3. 717/ A330/340 (tie)
  4. 757
  5. Fighters

A340/A330. They look amazing, but they work like crap .


The military aircrafts sway too much during even light winds I think. And they lack AP say for example f-22 is one of the most sophisticated aircrafts around but lacks AP in game.

@Aman_Karmacharya I think that’s because real world fighters don’t have quite the same AP actions as commercial jets, but I’m not sure…

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An altitude hold feature would be nice during those escorts though!

They so need to add CRJs so you could do more regional routes.


I think 717 and CRJ could use A rework. The ERJ series just some cosmetic stuff.

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Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe out of the listed options the A380 was reworked most recently… CRJ needs rework badly.


I would love to see static aircraft in the background, they don’t need to be moving but parked at the gate or at the stand. That way solo mode doesn’t have to feel so lonely, for example say you’re flying out of CDG. You would go into the settings in CDG and check off airlines that fly into CDG (so it’s somewhat realistic you don’t have the Azul ERJ-195 at the gate with you at CDG) and click load and off you go!

Would love to see the CRJ and ERJ reworked, more regional jets in general would be nice. Finally, would love to have the spoilers that move with the ailerons for those moments when you’re really working the yoke in the crosswind. Oh, and almost forgot. Fuel burn would be real nice and hopefully come with a calculator to assist the pilot that when you do your weight and balance and cargo on board it comes up with a suggestion like for ABC-DEF XXXXXkg is recommended.

Just a wish list off the top of my head.

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The B717 should be further overhauled. Its a nice aircraft which can be used in multiple routes across the US, Europe, Australia and other places.
It should have ground effect and some corrections on its autopilot.

If the CRJ were redone in all 4 variants it would open up many new opportunities for pilots and VA’s alike.

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