Thinking about starting VA

How does one go about wanting to start a VA?

All information to start a VA has been linked above, make sure you’re TL2 prior to contacting an IFVARB Administrator to start a Virtual Airline. You’re currently Trust Level 1.


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I don’t know how to I myself am stuck on that

currently grade 3, 113,000 xp

Ok ill get you a link for the pilot application form and will alert our ceo

I don’t think you can advetise your VA other than threads and events (just saying).


This dude is asking for help and is curious about starting a VA. This is not the place to plug your VA as he said “Wanting to start a VA” not “Wanting to join a VA”. Don’t go around looking for a descent place to say “Join NWVA” especially without even reading the OP.


Starting a VA isn’t something you just Do, make sure you’ve put time and thought into your idea, aim to have a website and communication platform ready to go, a proposed thread that is both quality and information. Just making a VA always ends badly, it requires your utmost dedication to succeed.


I have a plan or idea in mind, just not sure how too make it happen, It would either be a DHL or Iceland Air VA. Now i know with these 2 airlines there arent a lot of planes to choose from. These 2 are on my top 10 list of favorite airlines. And i think i could get somewhere because there arent any VA’s for them

DHL has the C208, 757, 777 that’s a plenty large fleet and with a little creativity you could surely make a killer rank structure out of that. :)

Me and some others are already working on an Icelandair VA.

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If I were you I would pick something less known or hurry up doing DHLVA because it is something that probably won’t be available for long.

Um have you even listened to @Kirito_77

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