Thinking About Our Community

I recently received a PM from @Pilot_Felix which made my heart basically melt. It was a thank you for all the laughs I have given him over time, and many other things.

It really got me thinking about what we truly do in the grand scheme of things, and how we have such a diverse group of people all gathering to talk about a flight simulator out in the grand expanses of the Internet. In the time we have gathered, we have truly changed Infinite Flight. We laughed, we cried, we even wept, as a community.

I have never really been the most serious person, in fact, quite the opposite. However, knowing that I make people laugh really warms my heart. I may be only in a small niche, but it really makes me feel better to know that I can at least make people laugh.

While I may be the clown of the IFC sometimes, I do want to pay some respects to the people who actively contribute and better IF and the IFC. It has truly made me think, and reflect on what we do and what a truly amazing community we have become. So please pat yourselves on the back, as you are what makes the IFC truly an amazing place to be.

P.S. I am not the best with words sometimes, so I apologize if it runs on in a bit of a weird way.


This community truly is something amazing. All the great people here are what make this place continue to be so awesome.

Cheers everyone!


I can’t reveal the location of the oatmeal vault.

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Well, Invite @AndrewWu then :)

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@Butter_Boi i agree 100% I don’t know any flight sim which has so an amazing community like infinite flight ✈️ I meet here many amazing people

and many many more 😃🙌🏼


If you remember our conversation on the Flying gummy worm topic, my investigation has shown me that the vault must be located somewhere in the Great Lakes

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Not even close.

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How much will a bribe for a second clue cost

PM me about it.

What a lovely post! Couldn’t agree more, it does make things all worth the while being here but yeah I agree IFC is an awesome community particularly in the past year that help us a lot including myself enduring lockdowns.
I don’t know you well @Mattheus but I’ve seen your memes and jokes. Cheers for that😎

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Thanks ahahah

Thank you for your kind words :) can say the same about you 👍🏻

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Oh wow, this was unexpected to say the least! You really are a great person, and this community really is quite a nice place! This community has gotten many of us over the hardships during current times. You being the person you are really helped with that, for many others, not just me. You truly deserve all of the love you get!

Thank you for the acknowledgment! 😃


I love our wonderful community we have here! Many of the wonderful people I have met and gotten close to include the following:

And many others!

Yall mean so much to me and have taught me so much! You all mean the world to me and glad I can connect with so many of you all about the same common thing we call Aviation!



Being the “clown”, doesn’t have to mean something negative, I’ve known many people that have been labeled as the clown of the class, clown of the team, clown of the group, the clown, the one most would look down on but would be the one that brings a smile on people’s face, brings out laughter from the saddest, makes someone else’s life a little more happy.

If being a clown means someone who is too sarcastic, comical and is always making jokes/memes, but those words and actions brought joy to people then I don’t see why the being the clown would be anything but positive.



It’s the hevans of butter 👌

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I didn’t mean it in a negative way, either.

I probably didn’t say enough as I should’ve, so I’ll add on. It really means a lot to me with how you appreciated this so much, enough to make a topic, to let others know that there are indeed great people on this community. I came back from lunch, back to my classes, and the last thing I expected was this. Thank you so much for acknowledging me to this scale, you really are the funniest person on this community, adding smiles to people’s faces. I always find myself returning to your posts, to give myself a chuckle, even during the most boring, dark days. You are the reason many people here have smiled, laughed, or chuckled. Though this reply is quite cringey, I just can’t thank you enough.


This is the proof that always we have to have a sense of humor behind things…