Thinking about opening an Indigo and Jet Airways VA

Hey guys. I searched all of the community to see if we have Indigo and Jet Airways(the two biggest airlines of India), but couldnt find any. Being from India it would be of great pride to open up a joiny VA since we have only 1 aircraft each. What i would love to know is your thoughts. I would love to hear from you people if you would be interested to join in the future.

Well, seeing as you’re TL1, you must be Trust Level 2 to create a Virtual Airline, and it’s suggested you only choose one of the VA’s you wish to do.

You’d have to contact an IFVARB member to begin the application process of your Virtual Airline, should you decide to continue with your proposed VA.

I’d suggest continuing to read and contribute and you’ll soon make it to Trust Level 2, which Will allow you to create a VA :).


Yes bud. I was just seeing how ppl respond. I know i have to reach TL2.

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I see. All I can say is you can’t make two VA’s, so you must choose one.

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Take a look through these topics to get you started.

As you said, you have to be TL2 to start a VA. Keep liking, posting and you’ll be there in no time!

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Speaking from experience, it’s a lot of work. It’s very draining.


True. Finished a part of my studies. Have around 3-4 months free so…

i would love to join as i mostly use the Jet Airways 737-900er aircraft for most of my flights and i sometimes do use the Indigo 320 for some flights

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