Thinking about making a VA

Since the idea of making a VA suddenly sprang to mind i am wondering what available airlines i could make a VA with

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If you would like to see VA’s that have been taken or that are in operation you can check the IFVARB VA database which has a list of all active VA’s.

Then if you decide on one that is not a duplicate you follow all the steps in the post below! Make sure you contact a VARB member to see if it’s available. Remember, running a VA isn’t an easy job. I would recommend getting some staff experience in VA’s before making your own! Good luck.

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There is also a VA database, though not all active VAs are there. I suggest you to wait for the third to see a more complete list


Ok I’ll wait for the complete list


I understand you want to be staff somewhere but I would suggest:
a) checking VA threads and websites for open positions and how to apply
b) sending individuals PM’s yourself instead of clogging up productive topics with requests for them to PM you when you could easily do it

All the best :)


Making a VA is a wonderdul idea. I am apart of one and i am happy to be apart of them

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