Think you could help?

Yes finally I’m back after a few months away!!

But, I need some help recently on a few takeoffs my plane has banked left, I can regain control but its starting to annoy, just hit really badly on takeoff from Heathrow just now!

Anyone got any advice or help?

Many Thanks,


Did you used the rudder? This should help.

I think all good pilots use rudder, yes I do but I don’t know what else to do

Probably you are taking off too fast and makes the rudder useless.

this could help: All Aircraft Takeoff and Landing Profiles (My New Topic, *Version 20.2, Wiki!)

Won’t lie too you both, I’ve been taking off completely wrong I belive, I always use flaps 1-10 with a trim of 5 and 80% throttle

Make sure Auto-coordination is not checked in your settings

What do you mean, what does this do

Couples the aileron and rudder so if you tilt your device the aircraft turns as if you are using rudder on the ground. I believe it’s set on by default. You should uncheck it. It helps with takeoffs. You’ll find this in general settings (in the app)

I belive its off, and I just tried the takeoff instructions from here on my phone and it didn’t work (straight takeoff) as it veared off again

Hello, what you may be experiencing is some crosswind. I recommend trying the techniques in this video: here and see if it helps. Even if the winds don’t seem to be very strong, they can blow your plane off runway heading. Hope this helps, and good luck!

That doesn’t seem that wrong

Weight all together was about 260,668 as that’s maximum 777F takeoff weight

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For the 777 or any plane, I generally use the 2 notch of flap for takeoff (unless super heavy in which case use the 3rd notch) and set the engines to the point at which they are operating at 100%, then pull up around 200 ish knots. Like others have said, rudder helps during crosswind. Hope this helps as well

That’s a bit quick to start pulling up for any aircraft. Rotation speed for most jets is around 135-150, with some of the largest aircraft at Max takeoff weights being around the 170-180 mark.

I would highly recommend using trim for takeoff, this helps in getting the nose up and means you have to use less elevator to achieve this.

Make sure to calibrate your device before takeoff correctly. If you’re even slightly off with the calibration it can affect things.

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Always always line up and wait even when I’ve been given immediate takeoff just to calibrate

If you’re banking it could be a crosswind, I don’t know if this applies to large jets or IF in general but the way you take off in a small plane in a crosswind is to tilt the yoke into the wind, as the wind can lift up the upwind wing a bit on takeoff and push you around.

Okay time for the million dollar question

I didn’t see anybody else ask this so here it goes

Was your device calibrated?

Are you sure sure though?

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