Things you thought were true about aviation


I thought pylons (flap extension thingies?) held fuel. Silly me.


I thought the wings were like parachutes, and you slowly fell the whole flight, and magically landed right on the runway. Biggest problem this theory does not account for getting up…😂


In 2013, I thought every plane with a sharklet in the A320 Family was a 737 until I got the difference between the two.


Ok this is gonna be the stupidest thing any of you are gonna hear okay. Brace for cringe. When I was about 4 I used to think the flight engineer was the auto-pilot. My parents told me and I was like what the hell!!!


I used to think planes could fly…



When I was young I believed that planes fly because superman was behind all of them, and he was invisible.

Please don’t judge me.


Someone explained me that fuel wasn’t stored in the whole wing but only on little boxes in lights aircrafts.

Which makes sense because fuels can make a flight unstable if they move too much in a big space.


Helicopters are freaking expensive.


I used to think that the only time a plane was fast was during takeoff and landing , I thaught that during cruise the plane moved like 2 mph, because everything appeared to go by slowly,

Rip my intellegence


I used to think all pilots were smart.


I also used to think you had to be extremely quick when it came to emergencies on the plane, but you actually have way more time than you’d think.


I thought planes had a feature were wheels automatically pushed back.
Not a tow


I thought the mile high club was American Airlines’ membership program.


I thought that planes engine blades turn at the opposite direction when applying reverse thrust Though some actually use similar principles but I am referring to general airliners here

Until I study physics and find that the torque required to do this is crazily high not to mention other many different problems associated with it


In some cases, they do ;)


@C150_driver Maybe my Mum is right then… (sometimes) ;)


I also used to think the runway threshold was a crosswalk


I used to think that the APU was an exhaust pipe


I thought that planes could stop in midair.


I was always afraid to fly through clouds in fear of drowning