Things you thought were true about aviation


I used to think Ryanair was the worst airline in Europe.


Before I really knew or cared about planes and airlines, I thought that we still flew Northwest for a couple months after they went out of business


Used to? It still is…


I used to think that out of every five planes, one crashed!


Except that’s actually true 😉


I thought planes drove to your house to pick you up, then fly off to your destination lol


When I was a kid my first series of flights were on Eastern Airlines. I thought they’d be around forever and I’d be one of their pilots after being an air force pilot. Then I had to start wearing glasses, went down hill from there lol


I do remember somewhere seeing that SAA was interested. Thanks for the clarification! Hopefully in the future we will see them.


Not sure if this applies to real world aviation or not, but I had no clue how planes were routed when I first began MSFS… I always flew GPS direct, no matter what kind of flight I was flying.


When I was about 5 years old and completely new to flying (before I properly knew what flying meant) I thought that all the toilet waste was ejected out of the APU tail pipe…
Could you even imagine that 😎…


I used to always ask my mum when flying through clouds, ‘How aren’t we crashing, I can’t see anything?’. I always thought the pilots had a magic windshield where they could see through the clouds😂


I did the exact same thing.


I thought planes kept their gears down for the whole flight lol


Back when I was young I thought planes could really race for real lol!


Flights would be much more serene if that was true. Not for the person being thrown away though


I used to think of something similar to that. I thought that thrust came out of the exhaust like a trijet.


When I was young I used to think that pushback was a 180-degree turn at the gate :D


I used to think that anything that wasn’t a 737 was an unknown plane or a private jet.😔


I also thought planes could backflip… until I saw an F-22 do it.