Things you thought were true about aviation


Naw I used to think that it was a meteorite.


Oh no…that’s…oh no…


It was all bad… but all i wanted was my free burger and to meet the pilots 😩


Oof. That probably got awkward quickly.


I used to think planes were all 737s and 757s and that they flew at 1000ft


I thought that when you went to the bathroom the stuff was sucked out into the atmosphere


At that moment I would’ve (reminder that he was 10) tried to open the door and jump off the plane
And subsequently fail


On planes I used to think the no smoking signs meant no sitting, and I found out it wasn’t the hard way…


When I was about 10, I used to think that when the plane engines are turned on, you shouldn’t be less than 20 meters from the plane or you could be sucked into an engine.


I used to think most planes that looked vertical in the sky (optical illusion) and had contrails, were rockets.


I used to think that the smoke trails left from planes were rockets taking off. 😅


Do you mean contrails? If so, I had the same thing. I also thought the APU was a jet engine.


When I was a kid, I thought those were bombs.
So if we got attacked, we were ready to strike back. 😂😂



I used to think that every planes have some kind of anti-gravitation machine for them to be able to fly LoL


I used to think that the pilots made the plane schedule, so they could just fly wherever they wanted.

And if you misbehaved onboard, you’d have to sit on the wing. That’s why I acted so good on planes growing up.

I also used to think that if you had an electronic device out during takeoff, the plane would just straight up fall and crash on the runway.


Lol I thought they were all rockets


Bruh OMG I don’t know what else to say

I used to think rudder pedals were gas pedals


Same @OiseauPlume almost all of my flights are/were long hauls, 11h or more


Just like a far…nvm yall know what I’m about to say


watch your profanity x)

For me, small airplanes were faster than big ones.