Things you thought were true about aviation


I used to think insomnia was a requirement to becoming a pilot.


I used to think that:

  1. planes could turn in the air like cars turn on roads
  2. contrails were always from a rocket
  3. planes take off and land on streets

Once when I was a toddler, my grandparents were flying up from FL for a visit. I was looking out the window down the street continuously, thinking the plane would land, stop in front of my driveway, let them off, and take off.


Same exact thing, but I also thought they landed nose first…😕


Thinking Boeing was better than Airbus (shots fired)


Let’s not start an argue 😂 Especially with @Balloonchaser. Maybe it’s true maybe it isn’t


How did I get dragged into this?!?

But Boeing is Better


I thought that only airliners existed.
No GA planes, no military just long haulers.
Mostly because the only occasions to fly that I had were long hauls.

I did not realise that clouds where that low in the sky.

For me, contrails were made from the APU hole.

Airbus Cs100 > all


I honestly thought that the engines turned on just before takeoff, abd that planes taxied with motors in their wheels. That’s how I thought pushback worked too

Bombardier > all other manufacturers


Hahaha noooooo!!!


I used to think that the flap fairings where actually the fuel tanks on the plane.


I Used to think the gate stayed on the plane in the Air😂😂


I thought spoilers were the spiky things at the end of the flaps 😑


It does…

This is fake of course


I thought u could open the window at up 30000ft


Oh and planes could go backwards


One time when I was younger, We were flying from Melbourne to Auckland and we were passing over Melbourne at night and I thought we were flying over Auckland. 😅


Your not the only one, same here


when i was 10 i thought the mile high club was an exclusive club where i would get to meet the pilots and eat free burgers. that was until i asked my flight attendant how i can join and she asked me how i knew about this “club”. i told her i saw a commercial about it on tv…


I used to think that pilots turned the plane using their yoke/side-stick when on the ground.


I used to think that the autopilot was only used for when the pilots had to both go to the bathroom and leave the cockpit unattended