Things you thought were true about aviation


I remember thinking that the contrails that the aircraft made over my house were rockets flying into space… I wasn’t the smartest one back then…


I’d say chemtrails, but we all know that they are real


I used to think that an A360 existed. 😯


I used to think that every plane was a 747.


I used to think Ryanair was the best airline…


When I was little someone told me when you took a dump on an airplane, it would fall back to earth.


I used to think a 737 was a jumbo jet lol


Oh god no why just why


It is the best plane if you love rollercoasters lol


Pfft, of course not. Everyone knows Spirit is the best. ;)


It hurts me to this day. 😖


I used to think that turbulence would mean the airplane would crash XD


I thought that if I flushed the toilet while sitting on it I would be sucked out, when young.


I used to think that planes can fly to space lol.


I thought that when you flushed it would be dumped no matter where you are, so it may land on house or on top of somebody 😂
Just think about… S**t falling from the sky, now that would’ve been headlines on the news next day morning XD


Actually, an order was being processed until they found traces of corruption in the transaction with Airbus. The deal was then froze


I used to think the 2nd engine (on the tail) of trijets was a mistake


Sammmmeeee bruh idk why 😂😂


When I was very young, I thought that when a plane was in a cloud, it wasn’t moving. I thought of it like a stop light I guess.


I thought planes take off and landed on highways