Things you thought were true about aviation


What is the most embarcing things you used to think was true about aviation that you ow know ia not true. For me it is that I used to think a jet2 757 was a a330.


I used to think the aircraft at cruising altitude with contrails were fighter jets/space shuttles.


Same here. I used to look up and think that too. Now I know better. There were a lot of fighter jets and rockets in my childhood if you ask kid me


Long time ago I always thought that the APU (as you know, it is at the back of the aircraft) was the source of power which lets the aircraft fly and stuff. Don’t ask me what I was thinking back then. Lol.


I used to think that planes drove on the ground with powered wheels, like cars


I thought planes could fly into space.


I used to think that you could sit, stand or do acrobatics on the wings while the plane was cruising high up in the sky. Yeah, i had a wild fantasy as a kid. Now i know that it’s impossible 😂

A normal thing used to think would be that planes could reverse by themselves.


I used to think that airliner doors could be opened in flight.


Yea, same here. I didn’t think of it being some dangerous either if the doors were to be opened mid-flight.


Similar to @Starley, I thoght the APU exaust was the exacust pipe for the entire plane. I also used to think that FAs were liscensed pilots.


I Used to think that a if you cry or scream in-flight they will open the door and throw you out


What made you think that?


shhh, don’t question it. Maybe if we told everybody that there would be no more crying babies on flights…


At first i thought that you cant poop in plane lavatories and i thought that the waste were thrown above sea…


Well now that i think about it he might think that because of the united incident with the passenger being draged of.


I used to think that if you jumped in a plane at cruising altitude, you would fly to the back of the plane


No sir, that’s Newton’s first law. :)



Used to think SAA had ordered A380’s 😂


Thanks for the spelling.


I used to think that all the waste on a plane would go flying out of it and eventually land on someone.