Things you dont need to know about the reworked A330

hey ifc, i was bored because of @Robertine 's IFC S&V topic


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and thought to do this as a comical thing to do to pass some time
if you somehow came here for information on how to fly the A330 look at these links below they are quite informative.

Now on to the non-info

  • Now first what you don’t need to know that The A330 is not from Boeing
    I can see why no-one is confused as the A330 has Airbus in its name.
    The memes make it clear that Boeing did not make the A330.
    I couldnt find the meme as google is unhelpful

but you should get my point

  • What you dont need to know is that the Airbus A330 is a plane. In infinite flight simulator,
    you may see cars and trucks and be confused. VeRy CoMmOn Misundestanding
    well in order to find out if its a plane you will have to see if the subject has 2 engines
    then my naive friend its a plane
  • The plane was recently reworked and now has many qualities that deem it reworked: Moving doors, New liveries…ENgine fan blades are refined…Thats basiccally it

everyone who knows more are welcome to comment below

  • I own a lot of brain cells but mostof them callled in sick
  • This was probably a bad idea
    *To have some more intel, I went on live flight to one of the most A330 hotspots,
    EGLL on training
    and this was my results
  • lot of aliens visit this place
  • I was mistaken that this was a A330 hotspot as a lot of 789s were roaming around
  • Finallly, You didnt need to read this topic to fly the A330

I hope the mods dont close this topic in like 10 mins


What a way to start a topic 😯

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Sir what happens if metal bird has 1 engine?


this was cringe.




Eh it lasted 28. That’s about 28 minutes longer than it should’ve been ;)