Things You Did as a New Player in Infinite Flight

So you were a post-global?
Back in my day we didn’t have fuel burn! Lol


Fly to KNUC and then complain about the bad pilots on a topic.

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Agreed, no engine start too!
I used to taxi thru terminals at LAX, butter on the Mississippi river or Lake Michigan, or fly to the edge of the reigon overspeeding and crashing 😅


Yep🌎 Made it to grade 4 pretty fast tho, learned a LOT in that time😅


That’s all I did and I was proish noobish
I got lots of hours and xp tho

Well… When I started playing IF I didnt do much wrong. I only have 5 violations total. Although I need to admit that at the beginning I rotated a cessna172 at 40 kts

Getting many violations😂

Well, when I was a noob, I didn’t use flaps, because my normal landing speed on an A321 was 200 knots. Oh, also I use the trim since one month… and I thought that I could only use APPR if there was an ILS approach, and I always landed with APPR or Ryanair landings…
EDIT: Also, I didn’t know how to use reverse thrust…

Buzzed KHAF in an A380

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Got like 50 vios, thats what I did


spawned into LAX with 777, taxi to runway at 50kts, takeoff full flaps, land at a GA airport at 260kts and completely miss the runway. Ill remind you that I was about 10-11 years old. on solo mode I never bought into live un till 2 years ago. Now im grade 4, mainly flying the a321 and 787.

Never used flaps to land, landed at around 240IAS and crashed half the time 🤣

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I keep all lights on the whole flight and have no idea how to use the ATC etc. lol

I didn’t know how to make a flight plan on the map. So I literally flew everywhere VFR and I used the map as a GPS and then had no idea how the localizer worked…

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Fly around Sydney in the 717 max n1 landing at airports way to small way to fast. This was early days of Infinte flight on my iPod touch.

Same, that was so nice, I tried to fly for 8 hours landing and taking off at KNUC, I would “butter” all day

Probably my most favorite things I did as a newbie was flying at 30,000 ft with my wheels down :o . Now I know better 🤣

Somehow I only have gotten 4 total violations and that was before I knew that there was a speed limit under FL100.

For a while, I thought 30,000ft was 3000ft. I was so confused why I was so low to the ground until I found a video on YouTube of someone going up to the proper 30,000ft.


Not knowing SimBrief existed.