Things to keep in mind on TS

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I guess I’m still too new to post on the ATC category.

Just thought I’d share a few pointers while flying on the training server with an Active ATC -

  1. If there’s and ATC available, please follow the instructions for a richer experience.

  2. it is ATC’s duty to bring you on the ground safely and in the shortest time possible. That means, when ATC (experienced one) is assigning a heading or an altitude, they are doing so by keeping certain things in mind.

  3. When you’re close to an airport for landing, approach will assign an altitude such that you get handed over to the tower in the most efficient way. For e.g; sometimes I assign altitude over 10,000 ft, even though if it’s closer to the airport strip. This is simply because if your flight is below FL10, you have to slow down below 250kt, means more time before touchdown.

  4. As you get closer, experienced ATCa will ensure that your flight is at the right altitude when aligning to the runway.

  5. I generally try to fly with real-world like procedures. E.g; my climb rate would be max 3k ft per minute and descent rate will be max 1500 ft per minute unless there’s an emergency.

  6. When doing touch and go’s, choose a free airport without an ATC, you will be able to reach your landings goal much faster. Touch and go’s at EGLL on TS will slow you down because of the traffic.

  7. If you approach the airstrip at near-cruising altitudes, you’re assigned a holding pattern so that you have time to descent such that you don’t have to do manoeuvres that may create a violation. Holding patters are also assigned if there’s lot of air traffic.

  8. Don’t rush in to achieve your landing goals to meet expert server requirements. You’ll end up getting violations which may delay expert server access.

  9. On TS If you’ve chosen a gate close to an active Runway for easy access, but turns out that the runway is not being used, please close the game and re-spawn at a gate closer to the active runway. Going against the ATC is no good for anyone who’re logged in to play the game.

  10. Be patient with ATC on a busy day. It does get really hectic at times.

  11. Finally, I understand that it’s a training server so errors will be made by a pilot or ATC. Be a little more understanding in such cases, everyone’s there to level up and learn.

If you have more tips, feel free to share them in the community.

Happy New Year all!

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Training server is meant for you to learn and get ready for expert, but unfortunately there will always be trolls that abuse the system. Most grade 2s and 1s don’t have an IFC account, and many treat it as a plain game and don’t have any interest in flying properly. That’s just the sad truth and there’s not much you can do about it

I have never been assigned a holding pattern when I was a grade 2, it’s highly unlikely you’d come across controllers that good.

Most radar controllers on TS just sit there not knowing what to do and not giving you any vectors, so you’d be very lucky to be able to find one.

That’s not true, for expert and training. You can do pattern work at smaller, quieter airports, such as people training for IFATC with an ATC tracking thread. Just because an airport is controlled doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to do pattern work.

ATC are almost never experienced on training server
I would say that some of these tips are more for expert server, as ATC is usually too inexperienced to give you some of the instructions, so you might not encounter situations where you’d apply these tips very often.


In my experience, in TS, avoid EGLL and KLAX. Go with the semi-busy airports e.g RJTT.

The extremely busy airports may have many flights for the action but they also have tons of clowns.

Enjoy the TS

Thanks for moving the thread @TimShan05.

I agree, we can’t do much about trolls. Also, a lot of guys don’t know some important basics. But that’s what TS is all about, learning.

I had read one of the posts (don’t remember which) about the challenges on TS, specially when pilots ignore ATC instructions.

Definitely they shouldn’t be penalised , but I was wondering if there is some sort of notification or a message that can show up on the player screens if they ignore ATC instructions?

The reason I ask is because when a holding pattern is assigned, map gets updated with it. So just curious if it will be possible to implement something similar.

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No, there is no penalty for not following ATC instructions or trolling.

How would it be implemented? The holding pattern is drawn on the map for you to follow as it’d be a bit hard to just blindly go around in circles. All the other instructions that you are given are very clear on what to do, unlike the holding pattern, hence the reason it is drawn on the map. Many people may not know how to hold so if it’s drawn on the map they’ll probably realize.

This is a great topic with good reminders for TS.

Actually, there is something that can be done. If you see any trolls, make sure to contact a moderator with their callsign, and replay as proof to see what they had done and they can ultimately ban people from flying on TS’.

Hopefully people will eventually learn how to fly a bit more realistically on TS, despite it being meant for “training.”

When an instruction is given by the ATC, maybe it can be logged for a short time (e.g; 30 secs) in the servers, within which an action needs to be taken by the pilot. Now, within this time if a pilot fails to follow the instructions, a message get displayed. And once the loop is complete, the log gets automatically deleted in the servers to free up space. But this would probably require additional costs for server bandwidth and maintenance, not to mention backed coding updates.

It’s just a thought. I’ll think of some more suggestions.

But what if the controllers on the training server gives unncessary instructions?

That’s a good suggestion but since it’s training server, it should be true towards learning and not penalising, except for standard violations.

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No, I mean trolling. Intentionally flying into people, having inappropriate callsigns, etc that stuff. This can all higher the levels of realism if they’re eliminated :)

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Yup there such cases too. Maybe just have like an option in the ATC menu with something like ‘Incorrect instruction’; which will make the ATC relook at the instructions given.

Ah I see. Yup that’s the best possible solution. Thanks for that.

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Itd probably depend on the level of trolling, if it’s just generally disobeying ATC but inappropriate call signs is a must report to a moderator. You’d be there forever if you were to report every single person who entered a runway without permission to a moderator

I could see this working and it could probably encourage some more people to follow ATC instructions but my worry is the amount of effort you’d have to implement into making the system recognize if you’re following an instruction, it’d be quite hard for it to recognize if you’re giving way to an aircraft.

Disobeying ATC isn’t trolling on TS. No one says that ATC has to be followed on TS, which is why the mods would let things like that slip away because there’s no message where there says “you must follow all ATC instructions or you will be reported.”

Also, nowhere in my post did I include disobeying ATC Because I know that ATC doesn’t need to be followed.

Generally insulting things such as callsigns or readbacks, disturbing others by going into them, escorting them in an annoying matter, deliberately trying to ruin someone’s experience is what needs to be reported to a moderator because these people pay for the game, and to have their experience ruined wouldn’t give them a very good impression.

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Here I am, preparing for IFATC ;)

Yes that’s the tricky bit. Also, there will be a need to program an error margin too, specially when flying manual.

However, from an auto pilot perspective, the monitoring can be linked to the AP panel as the information is already saved when flying. Example; ATC says turn left heading 090, descend and maintain 7000. Pilot simply needs to do is punch in that information within 30 secs.

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And there are those people that just crash into you just to get to the runway first. I was taxiing to the runway at RCSS, and then a B788 just crashed into me at a taxiway intersection. The B788 was taxiing at 50 kts btw.

Or you can just suck it up and taxi to the runway being used.


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