Things to hate and love about updates

My phone (iPhone 6 16GB) has been due for an upgrade for sometime now. I’ve been thinking about upgrading since the A320 update, but I really wanted to wait for the new iPhone. Whenever update talk gets near, a part of me says “screw it, just get a Samsung”


I dislike how Apple has to delay it when they review it
But, I’m excited for wing flex and the new planes!!

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How can you love and hate it being crowded? 😂

@a380fan, here’s reality:

Give me dat cwap for fwee!!! O me delet Ifinate Fljgt and go pway FSX!!! 😡😡😡😡😡

Facebook -_______-

Hate- how come you released android update first?
Where is the update for ios?

You can love it because it gets fun having a lot of people. You ca. hate it because lines get long

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They release it on Android first because they can fix bugs faster in that version before its applied to iOS. To add to the Apple has a bth of an approval process compared to Google, hence, its better for them to release it on Android first, then iOS. Also, if theres an issue with the iOS version, they have to fix it and re-send the update to Apple, which would take even longer. So essentially, releasing it on Android acts as a filter for the iOS approval.


Facepalm. I know all of that. Its annoying hearing this all the time once the update is out.

I just don’t like how they advertise the update. And the wait times

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Then why did you ask? Lol

When too many people fly and you have an iPad 2
The amount of people flying the same plane
The lag
My mustache of course
The new liveries
The new things I can do
More video options
And screenshots


I never asked I answered.

I’ve been thinking too about an update. IF lags with the aircraft on medium quality. Maybe I’ll get the Galaxy S7.

I also like when there’re reworked aircraft on the updates, the 787 will be very pleasant to fly and land.

I feel ya bro

For me this is something amazing :D


Truee, the where is the ios part threw me off, my bad.

Get an iPhone 6s, runs everything on high with no lag at all.


Pay me every region and aircraft I have and we’ve got a deal.

Ok never mind then

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Thats totally right.
EVERYTHING you said is completely correct.