Things to do in solo mode?

What do you do in solo mode?

I bought the game thinking that multiplayer was free and you had to pay only for the atc, but I still love solo mode. Its a great game!

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Land the wrong way round and do stuff you shouldn’t do on live and practice landing.


I usually fly around like a crazy person :P


I have live, so I don’t use solo very often, but when I do I’m usually trying out a new technique or practicing with an airplane or weather condition that I am less comfortable with. Basically just for practice.


Practice screenshots
Test your flying skills (Speed / Banking)

As most people here say… I agree with them. If you own a live subscription, solo mode is basically “Practice Mode”. If you don’t own a live subscription, then solo mode can be anything you want it to be (practice, learn, test, professionalism, etc.).


I don’t have live, so I usually just practice, do some touch and goes, try out some really extreme situations and stuff.

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Crazy stuff

I only use solo for screenshots

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Live’s so expensive… £40 a year!

Try it for a month and after that, money won’t matter… you will (hopefully) enjoy it so much that you can’t resist to upgrade. < How it went for me.


I use solo just for practicing my landings and takeoffs and stuff.

I just Approach switch plane Get bored switch plane do Approach switch plane over and over again… Until am satisfied about my landings that day…

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