Things that Just Happen

People may have posted this before but does anyone else get the “Honey do…” or “I need you to…” hold? This past week, no matter how I plan, taxiing and ready to go then have to go back to parking like you got an engine failure or in the case of relationships and wives matter; unruly passengers with a lot of baggage. The worse is on or near final debating responding to IFTAC or the real life person who can really make you unhappy. Either way you’re going to get a violation; either virtual or real.

I couldn’t play at all today because of VA Psyche theory, voting, washing the car and we’ll just dealing


I hate it when I’m descending then my mum says:

“Time to go on a walk!!!”

Then she gets annoyed when I say I’ll go on my own once I land this plane….


I know it seem trivial to others but when you spend all that time finding the flight, going to SimBrief and creating it ; getting your fuel load right and building your flight plans just to have to end flight when almost complete. I can handle going back to the gate before takeoff, things happen even IRL flying but to go straight “left behind” or thanos (~ed) it just gets, we’ll…ugh when you should end your flight

Yep… Our own hobbies are definitely fun, and prematurely leaving something in progress is a disappointment…

I remind myself to consider how much better my future existence could be, if i proceed down each path presented. So far, completing an IF flight only wins if she’s relaxing and has nothing much in mind.

She actually appreciates the detail and capability of IF, and doesn’t consider my flights as “time not spent together”, and I make sure I work my flights in when we’re slowed down and it’s not a big deal.

@jasonrosewell needs to add some Do Not Disturb - Infinite Flight In Progress door knob hangers to the IF Store.

Although, 2 out of my 3 children would blatantly and blindly still open the office door 😂



Yeah a lot of times I have to land at the dinner table because I was only cruising at m.74 💀

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If your this close nearly or everytime this tends to happen, my advice is:

1: Choose a aircraft that has APPR capabilities.

  1. Say something like “just a Moment” and request to land.

  2. If a violation does occur, you can contact the controller via IFC and talk to them about it, you never know what might happen.

  3. Maybe try to explain how passionate you are about Aviation, IF, and her (if it’s a wife / fiance / girlfriend etc) you might be surprised how understanding they might be.

Anyone have anything to add?


Any questions?


I just find it easier to just end flight … better than arguing with the real life person and deal with the more complicated IF rules … just another game on a mobile device

Well my girlfriend and I do joke about it … like the inflight meal was leftovers or Raman Noodles or of the two cats we have, one is the perfect co-pilot, the other is the unruly pax that wants your attention lol. Jane likes the best story while on a long flight: emptied, loaded the dishwasher, cleaned the litterbox and took the trash out

You are about to make the best butter landing and then your iPad runs out of battery even though you swear it was fully charged

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