Things not explained in infinite Flight

How do you close an open door ina commercial passenger aircraft?

Under systems, scroll down to “actions” and there you’ll see how to open and close doors, windshield wipers, and cargo doors. However, these are only available on the 777 Family, DC-10/MD11, A350, C-130, CRJ family, C172, and TBM.

Welcome to the community!


Hey! Welcome to the community!

You go into “systems” and then “actions” and you should see it.

I’ve attached a screenshot below from the Boeing 777 aircraft:

Note: this feature is available only on the 777 family, the MD-11, Airbus A350, C-130, CRJ family, TBM-930 and the Cessna 172


And the a-10


Available on the XCub as well

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Yes, it is true

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I would actually like to see some sort of tutorial… This would probably make more people stay since the game is pretty overwhelming in the beginning. The X-Plane tutorial for example helped me a lot when I used their sim for the first time

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Me too but with RFS

True! And the A-10

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The thing with “intro” tutorials like the one X-Plane has for example - is that they’re great when covering the basics of the basics. That’s true. I mean, it literally only covers throttle, steering and that’s about it.

As soon as you start making it a bit more complex, it becomes troublesome and can’t really be fitted into an interactive tutorial in such a manner.

This is why we have User Guide which is designed to cover literally everything about the app & the various functions available. The basics is something pretty much everyone can figure out in a heartbeat just by spending 3 minutes on Solo (Throttle, steering etc). The more complex things, need some reading. Much like it is in real life with everything you learn :)


Thanks, I well see this. Me too I am not a good in this game

That’s ok, it takes practice to figure it all out and you’ll be able to nail it pretty soon

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