Things I don't like about infinite flight!

The main concern I have is , when you choose a certain parking spot on the airport , you can be on the top of another aircraft or someone else can be on top of your aircraft… It should not allow 2 aircrafts on one parking spot… matter the fact I was doing a YouTube video and someone else ruined my video by parking at the same parking spot… it didn’t look good, so amateur and not professional thought through by the developers, how Can 2 airplanes can merge in to each other ? Lol even David Copperfield would be jealous of this achievement 😏!

They fixed it so u can’t spawn in people

Actually, this is basically not possible.

This was fixed in the 19.1 update.
The only way it is possible to spawn in the same spot as another aircraft is if you spawn in at the exact the same time.


Just happened 10 minutes ago to me , I was parked and another aircraft was parked at the same parking spot.


actually there is another way, if you disconnect from the server then re connect

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I don’t know how that happened because a few updates ago they made gates 1 plane only, were u or the other person pushing back?

Was it before or after you landed?

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I have the latest version 19.4 , I just updated the app , I don’t know, these issue has been happening since Long time ago , my believe is that when 2 aircraft have contact there should end the flight or simulat a crach , there’s no real life experience when 2 aircrafts Marge into each other and you can still resume your flight

It’s happened to me 4 times since the 19.4 update

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Thank you !

The only way this is possible is:

  • Spawning in the same gate with another aircraft at the exact same nanosecond

  • Spawning, disconnecting, and reconnecting to another aircraft in your spot


The limitation is with spawning. There is no restriction on parking. You can land and park at any spot.

Now if you havent pulled all the way up on the line you can be entering a spot that someone was spawning at where you both hit it at the same time. That can happen.


No pushback either of us, when I opened the outside camera I seen my aircraft alone and not even 2 seconds after another guy chose the same parking spot, then I seen my brand new A350 swallowed by this A380 lol

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That’s not right thought… that shouldn’t be happening!

Lol, I think what Altaria55 and Chris said is the most likely answer to what yo has happened

I don’t know all about that , but I can tell you that nothing is fixed… You can go through other aircrafts and there is no crash simulated… or the one that does that is not violated.
On the training server.

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That’s probably not gonna be simulated for a while because it’s hard to tell who is at fault, and if a crash is caused then people will just get crashed into in cruise.

Same here, it still happens sometimes

If they had a crash animation that would only give power to trolls, and anyway in the infinite flight environment there will inevitably be more mistakes than in real life. Many of us have no formal training, and suffices to say almost everyone is a lot less careful when taxing in a game than if they were on the flight deck of a real 777 or something. Would you really like for your flight to come to en end every time someone missed there breaking point while taxing? What if they were pulling up beside you and underestimated there wingspan. Online would be miserable if there were collisions…

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Never had a crash while cruising, the ground is a big mess, I seen other aircrafts go through my aircraft to get in front of me so they don’t wait on the line… that should stop… if another aircraft touches the other both aircrafts should stop and the one who violates should get a severe punishment, 1 year out of the game.