Things for Inter-region flight (not global)


Here is like i will see the inter region flights. Just put all regions sceneries in a global map then just make a virtual waypoints between regions.

What do you think?


Not a bad idea. I would add another point somewhere in Mexico and one in Cuba. Hawaii-Miami or LAX-MIA would be too far.

RAM Problem
I dont think RAM is a problem. I am perfectly sure its the number of aircrafts in the same region makes your device lagging.

If Matt remove the throtlle cut, you can fly 6-7 hours without device burning and lags (this is what i’ve make this night with underground bug (see the topic) ).

I think its perfectly doable. Maybe you may have to wait 2 minutes before the map is fully loaded, but after you can fly like this

I never said something about lag. To try and avoid the floating point bug, I would add a transition in the middle of the PHNL-KMIA route and one between KLAX and KMIA.

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I’m sure the floating point bug will be fixed in the next update maybe.

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Pretty sure, I think ;)


As much as the remaining statement is correct Ram is indeed a problem…let me give you an assignment…if you have a 512mb ram phone use it on solo… got to Socal and fly…i doubt you’ll even successfully callibrate your device before it crushes

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