Things Don’t Have to be Perfect


Something has come to my mind about people saying that a reworked plane doesn’t match the one in Infinite Flight. What I’m trying to say is, it doesn’t have to be perfect.

I’ve been seeing a lot of mistake requests in the 20.2 tracking thread. I am seeing the Infinite Flight Development team fix the major problems like with the flap issue with the B772 in 20.1. But the small issues like a part of gear isn’t in there in real life, or not clear of a engine spiral, is unnecessary. Just enjoy what you have. It’s a blessing to have Infinite Flight rework these planes.

I just wanted to remind you all that this is a flight simulator. Not a real life flight simulator. I’m just politely saying that things don’t have to be perfect here in Infinite Flight. This game has changed my life with mobile flight simulators. If there’s a mistake on the aircraft, I don’t worry about it. I just fly away just like I always do.

This was my 2 cents. Mods, I’m ok if you close this.


Well said! I totally agree, we should be happy with what we have as the effort that goes into reworking a plane is really a lot!


Agreed. Sometimes it’s funny to see comments like the stripe is 2 inches above where it should be or the shade is 2 shades too dark, etc.


I was thinking the exact same thing. For example, the A350 has a windshield which isn’t properly sized. However, does that affect my flying? No. I really don’t see why we have to focus on every single detail. As long as the plane looks good and has accurate physics I’m happy!

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Not everything has to be perfect. A simple sentence, with a big meaning. I agree with you, Mason. Appreciate the post. 🙃


I’d like to correct it to be “nothing in life is perfect”. Things aren’t going to be perfect. Deal with it.


Everyone complains about the tiniest of things, and it really gets on my nerves. With that said, I’m a perfectionist most of the time, but I’m just glad that the devs make everything so amazing and work their magic. And I don’t complain when something is 2 inches off.


Fully agree

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In the end, it’s just selfish and obnoxious. Just appreciate what you have! You could very well have no flight simulator instead of a perfect flight simulator but that didn’t have a 100% fully accurate landing gear. What are you gonna choose?


I disagree.

Why not strive for perfect? If you shoot for “good enough” you’ll never get to that point. Does it have to be perfect? No. But it should be as close to perfect as possible.

When I was an ATC trainer, I wouldn’t say “eh he’s good enough” and clear him for testing, I did my best to get my trainees to perfection.

In addition, not all feedback is necessarily complaining. Sure, it’s just a flight simulator but at the end of the day, paying customers should still have the right to point out inaccuracies and mistakes. Take this wonderful piece of feedback as an example:

In summary, sure, not everything has to be perfect but there should be nothing wrong with striving for perfection. Just my two cents :)


Because some times you cant get perfect. You may learn the information but did you just learn the information to pass a test or did you learn the information to remember it. The devs cant always get every little thing correct. And they can and will most likely fix them in a hot fix.

If you learned the information just to pass the test you weren’t putting in full effort into learning it. Seeing as we pay good money, I don’t think that should be the devs’ attitudes towards the issues.

I’m not one to call out a slight shading mistake or a livery mistake. I’m not afraid to call out the major issues, as you can see in @Guxk’s post above, but I leave minor issues be.

That being said, I don’t think it should be a set mindset to allow mistakes to slide as “oh, not everything needs to be perfect”. That is absolutely not the correct mindset that should be paid when trying to get to the highest level of anything, which I am sure is what the devs are trying to do, which is why we keep supporting them with our continued subscriptions.


This attitude of “be grateful for what you get” is a terrible mindset to have that will only stifle the improvement of this game by creating contentment within the community and development team. Nobody is saying things have to be perfect, but many of these issues that people are pointing out aren’t “2 inches above where it should be” considering people are seeing these issues with their naked eye. From my involvement with IF and the little bit I have been able to see behind the scenes, the developers are very receptive to feedback and willing to make changes to improve their product, and it’s in their best interest as well that you point out these issues, as it creates a more refined and competitive product compared to the alternatives on the market. Yes, it’s not going to be perfect, but it should be made as best as possible. People need to stop trying to defend the developers like they are this small indie team working on an up and coming game anymore. Infinite Flight is now mainstream in the market, which was only confirmed by the recent Navigraph Flight Simulator survey showing how popular it was. With competitors up and coming now, it should be all gas, no brakes as much as possible. Don’t try to put down people for attempting to give constructive criticism to improve the product they are receiving, as their feedback benefits everyone.

I think a great example from another industry that illustrates what happens when you sit at the top ignoring issues without trying to innovate comes from the CPU market, AMD Vs Intel is a great example. To give some context, Intel was the “old man” in this market who once they had their top seat, they began to ignore issues brought up by users and failed to create a better more innovative product because of it. This gave AMD the ability to catch up and create a viable competitor who is now taking over the market. This connects to IF because now that we are seeing other mobile global and online simulators pop up, you no longer have the ability to chill out and admire your work, you must keep going. With the smaller size of the Infinite Flight development team, their community is a great asset to point out issues that they may miss, leading to a superior product that is continuously improved.


Everyone has to work as hard as possible in as little time as possible that is life.

They do an excellent job at what they do in the short time that they are given to get it done. The will always end up fixing small issues if pointed out.

The devs have said multiple times that release dates are determined by when the product is ready…


I’m struggling to understand how it’s reasonable to criticize an engine for being “too small” without any figures, numbers, data, representations, or images, though. At least if you’re going to give constructive criticism, have something to prove that point as to make the criticism as constructive and as effective as can be. Whining like toddlers isn’t what I call “stifling the improvement of the game”, if you know what I mean.

I completely support constructive criticism, don’t get me wrong, but have the facts before dishing out complaints in the Development Thread.

So having deadlines justifies the adoption of a mindset of less effort? If anything, having a deadline should inspire greater effort into whoever it is thrust upon. You don’t use only 50% effort on an essay just because it’s due tomorrow. You go 100% to get the best possible result in the limited time you have.


I removed it thanks

The devs work for IF not us we should grateful enough to help them get through the process of what we want in the game even tho this couldnt be the case. IF is the way it is because we pay money for it. People arnt going to work for free.
The planes are they way they are because of there hard work and effort. Yes I said deadlines assuming IF staff put deadlines on things which I was wrong and corrected it. IFC im sure inspires them to make great products because they know how much we care about IF!


He didn’t say anything about engine size?

I fail to see how people are “whining like toddlers” if you care to elaborate.