Thifal_Attaullah's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hi Everyone. My name is Thifal Athaullah , 18 Year old from Jakarta, Indonesia . Currently i was on Written retest phase. I’m making this ATC Tracking thread is because i was interested to become an IFATC member and to Improve my ATC skill too. i’ll open some Airport around the globe. I hope you can attend to my Atc sessions and give some feedback to me ✌.

Thank you for your attention



Runway open : 07 and 35
Wind : 040 04KTS

Hi, im sorry if you are request parking but i wasn’t reply the taxi to parking because the bug

The request to taxing from pilot is not shown on ground atc radar nor on tower atc radar
@Kazuki & Atc Kevan

Apologize for this inconvinience especially with noob player named “SYRIAN”

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Hey, sorry for not leaving feedback earlier. I had to leave for dinner.

I think you’re pretty good in terms of proper use of commands though I feel like there were some scenarios that could have been avoided.

First thing’s first, I think ATC response to pilot shouldn’t take too long especially if they’re in a critical position such as an aircraft on final, announcing their inbound or so on. Though you can be excused if say you’re controlling an extremely busy airport then no one would blame you for this and I’m not saying I’m blaming you about it but ya I think maybe this could be improved on.

For pattern work, I noticed that you re-sequence aircraft ahead of their previous sequencing after the one ahead of them has touched down. Example, one of the pilots who were on left downwind was give a sequence as number 3 for runway 07 and also cleared for the option as number 3 but then resequenced again as number 2 as soon as number 1 lands, which is not needed. Keep in mind that you do not have to change their sequence if there is no change in the pattern. You only change it if you feel like they can not enter the approach cone at a safe distance with the aircraft ahead or behind them, etc.

For multiple runway usage, I think it’s great though I feel like a lot of go arounds could have been avoided by maybe giving right traffic instead of left for runway 35 as it seems that they collide with aircrafts who are on final for runway 07. Another way of dealing with this is by manually issuing them to another runway instead of their preferred runway. ATC commands are pretty much absolute so they have to comply when instructed though I get the frustration of pilots not following instructions considering that this is the training server so it’s not your fault for this one.

I feel like this session could have been much more better if we had pilots that were more nice and actually followed instructions instead f a certain someone who was instructed to go around but did not do so which caused the other aircraft to go around instead, heh. That’s all from me, thank you for the services! I’ll try to drop by if I see you open when I’m free.


Thank you for your feedback mate

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KPNE : Open
Runway : 06 & 33


Runway in use : 31L &31R

I have an bit of time , I’m coming

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I’ll stop by!

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Ill need to go into replay mode to clear up an few things , so expect a delay in getting your feedback , but other then that have an nice rest of your session and day !

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Thank you for coming to my sessions @MJP_27 @Nee , Richard SIVA, Fabian siva , @Ramzi_Khairan, @Gritz , @Rashya_Keitaro , @Syncline, @TheArcher009 , @Raihan_Yudanto @LesterXavier


Hey there! You did good, just a few mistakes to work on.

  • Don’t clear people for the option on the upwind leg, you should clear them when they’re on the crosswind or downwind leg of the pattern.

  • You gave me number 2 traffic to follow is on left base and then you cleared me as number 2 when N17EE wasn’t over the threshold. They were still in the pattern.


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Thank you for the feedback

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Good session! Nice traffic awareness when I needed to cross 31L and good use of line up and wait to expedite departure, sequencing was good throughout

Only thing to note was on my second/third pattern you sequenced me but forgot to clear for the option, possibly distracted by a couple of transition requests. However dealt with Go Around well and correct pattern entry, sequence and clearance for the runway change

Great job keep it up!

(Richard SIVA 😄)

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Thank you for the feedback :)

Hello I was N17EE today heres your feedback for today.


It seems many of your controls you fixed like sequencing orders it’s appears mainly above you feedback has been already said and most of it was what I was gonna to have for me feedback that I Saw . Also trust the pilot more aswell when you said adjust speed to follow aircraft ahead . Keep up the good word IFATC is just around the corner . Sorry for the late and short response .

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GCLP closed

Runway in use : 3R and 3L

Had a great time! Sequencing was good, traffic awareness was good too. Good use of expedite commands. Good separation between aircraft with use of extend leg command and adjust speed.

Thanks for the session it was good fun.

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Thank you for coming and the feedback ✌


LEPA Close

Runway open : 6l And 6R