ThiccDuc's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

I’m an IFATC specialist currently doing radar training and aiming for officer. I’ve decided to create a thread as I would like to practice some more on my radar skills. I’ll be opening on the training server and control radar there when I have time. Please let me know, if you are coming. I will announce my opening 5-10 minutes beforehand and include important details as well. If you want me to ping you for my sessions, let me know as well. If you have feedback for me, please private message me to avoid clutter. This is my first ever ATC thread, so please tell me if I do something wrong. Feel free to ask questions if you have any and thanks for stopping by 😉!

Trainer: @Aiden_Forusz


Tag me when you open, I’ll surely try to stop by 💯

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Sure thing! Appreciate your willingness to help!

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Hey, feel free to tag me as well when you open!

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Tag me next time when you open if you want

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Wilco. Thanks for the help!

Session I

Time: 13:20 Z (7 minutes)
Server: Training Server
Airport: BIAR
RWY(s): 19
Frequency: Approach
Focus: Refining ILS, Visual (new), Radar Vectors(new), Traffic management
Aircraft to use: No bigger than Boeing-757
Pings: @Endurable @FN60fps @BT_HANDLES
Instructions: Spawn in at the airport / nearby airports and request the listed approaches within the opened frequency. Please follow all instructions given.

Closed. Thank you to those who came!

@FN60fps Are you writing an essay xd?

Hey, @ThiccDuc Thanks for the service at BIAR today!

Below is the feedback from OK-LOL


  • The speed restriction of 190kts was a bit unnecessary. Aircraft can perfectly intercept at 200kts. I wouldn’t slowdown aircrafts if there not a need.


  • I would try to issue that VIS base turn earlier. In situations like today, it’s fine. But when you start to encounter with more complex situations in radar, you’ll need to tighten up your VISs.

As reference, for BIAR I would recommend turning VIS at ARM19 waypoint and descending them to 2000ft.


I had no other issues. It seems that you have good knowledge on how ILS and VIS approaches work.

That’s all from me, have a good day! :)

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Thanks for the feedback and thanks for coming (+Anonym. American 3030)! I greatly appreciate it :)

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Oh man I haven’t touched this thread for a whole month 💀. Who would be up for a VNLK?

Me. I want to do some VNLK

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