They don't count the landings

Operating system:
Since the month of May I have been flying very frequently and it is the gecja that I have 70 landings and none of them have added me to the statistics to reach grade 5, what should I do? Can I provide the records?

Please check:

  • Did you land on the runway area? Or somewhere behind threshold, it won’t count if I remember.

  • Were you disconnected to the server when you touch down?

None of the above and I have how to prove

Also are you talking about total landings or landing per 90 days?

I completed grade 4 from there he asks me for 80 landings and I’ve had about 60 and they don’t count him in the statistics

to pass to grade 5 and still do not add me in my landings

This means that 90 days ago you had 80 landings. But as time goes on maybe you flew a bit less.

180 landings per 90 days (Grade 5 requirements) means that on average you need to make 2 landings, in the touchdow zone, per day.

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That is clear what I am going for is that I already have grade 4 and after that all the landings that I do and that I have an average of 70 have not been added to my statistics I only have 4 no more and that seems unfair to me

I have flown a lot lately so that it is reflected and I have only added 4 landings

Because the ones you did more than 90 days ago removed from the parameter “Landings (90 days)”.
This parameter changes constantly based on what your activity was exactly 90 days ago. So every time the stats are updated, it can change.

If TOTAL LANDINGS is increasing which I can see that it does on your account, it’s behaving as expected.


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