They didn't add this that means they're against me

Im sick of hearing people say theres no planes to fly in my region you don’t like my region.
Before i start i have been a culprit of this in the past. I hope im not in the furture aswell.
A few things that made me realise I was overreacting.
Firstly these things take time to build and you don’t have the full picture of what the game is evolving into. There is probably something else that the devs are working on to make the game more smooth and interesting. There is bound to be hundreds of features that have been developed and then dropped because it hurts the game play.
Secondly you overreacting is just a ploy to be heard. By using loud nonsensical arguments you make yourself sound annoying and a bit well dull. You also make no case for why you want the livery other than the implied word racism.
Im not trying to down play racism but the use for it in cases where its not necessarily racism. Yes a livery can help you express your nationality but i dont think the devs are trying to suppress you by not adding your favourite carrier, the reason is most likely the first point or unfortunately your voter base isnt as large as some others might be.
To my next point. There are other things to the game to enjoy.

My point for
You get your comment seen but not necessarily validated.

In conclusion keep repeating and showing your love for liveries and want for them in the game. But do it in a way that isnt an attack on the devs as they’re busy making things. Don’t make them not want to make your livery. Vote for the liveries you want and narrow down the ones you truly need to have. It is ok to critise a company as you’re paying for their product but if you attack them you will most likely be still buying their product so why would they change the game for you. Any way show love, relax a little, enjoy what you have and keep creating ideas for what you want in the game.
Im not sure how useful this is but it felt like it needed to be said.


The thing is, At the end of the day, the devs will add most aircraft liverys at some point in the next 10 years or so.


Agreed but 10 years is a long time for a few people


Well, best belive! But speaking of liveries, I don’t think any desktop or mobile simulator has so many liveries that IF has, and its just nuts! I don’t have the count but by many I actually MANY. I think with that we will get more liveries just wait and have patience. I know that this year most of the background work will evolve and and make solution on the existing problems we have today!

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First people need to stop accusing the devs of being bias, etc. just because a livery doesn’t come out. The safetynet check added a few updates ago affected Chinese players way more but no one accused the devs of being biased towards China.

Second I feel like there needs to be better communication between the devs and the user base. As an example, this update temporarily removed the copa livery, but it’s not clear why it has been removed which caused some people to think the devs are against latin america for some reason.


10 years is a long time if youre 13, and lets face it, there are a TON of those around here


Yeah also a lot can happen in the aviation industry in 10 years, look at the past 10

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Whats the point of people writing this after every update?


Agreed, well said!

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