TheWalkingFruit's ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED] @ ENGM


ATC is open at ENGM Training server, come and do some patterns and feedback is appreciated!


Hey dude,

Some good stuff there so I’ll go through it all with you.

  • Nice take off clearance w/pattern instruction. Be careful not to frequency change the wrong aircraft though.

  • I requested runway change and received correct pattern instructions and clearance. You neglected to issue pattern instructions after my change though so I could have continued in a left hand pattern for 19R if I wanted to.

  • cleared departure to the south.

  • I called inbound but didn’t receive pattern instruction before clearance. Remember: pattern, sequence, clear.

  • I was cleared number 2 after G-N1TR, N1TR completed his touch and go, I turned onto base before you issued an extend downwind - no reason for it. TR would have been on left downwind before I got anywhere near to be a factor.

  • as this point I was now number 1 with TR on left downwind, you cleared him number 1 and he committed to base before you issued me a go around. Personally, I would have told TR to extend downwind, number 2 traffic to follow on left base (or wherever I was at the time) as I was the quicker aircraft.

  • I didn’t receive any runway exit instruction nor a contact ground.

Lots of points, if you have any questions then please let me know:)


Hey, thanks for the feedback, and yeah i noticed my mistakes there (:


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