TheUnluckyDucky’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

TheUnluckyDucky’s ATC Tracking Thread

Welcome to my ATC tracking thread. My name is Nate and my dream for infinite flight is to become apart of the amazing IFATC team! I am 16 years old and live in the most amazing city (not to exists) called Bristol! the reason I’d like to become IFATC is because I’d like to become more experienced with…ground tower Frequencies (Mainly) and to just in general become better and practice with the pros! Please help fulfill a dream and support me ! ^FEEDBACK IS MORE THEN WELCOME AND WILL HIGHLY BE APPRECIATED^.

Status : CLOSED

Airport : OMDB

Will open around 11.30(BST) 10.30(ZULU I think)

It would be much appreciated if you could stop by and practice. Thanks!


Hello @TheUnluckyDucky good job on getting your ATC Thread started. If you are still open at 1100Z, I may be free to drop by for one or two patterns :)

Thank you ! I’ll be open for 2hours or so as it’s my free day :) more then welcome to come along even 1 pattern is highly appreciated!

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Hey there @TheUnluckyDucky. I’m glad you want to work to become IFATC. I see you’ve picked Dubai as the airport. I highly recommend not opening major airports, as you have a lot of random people which causes chaos. Here are some recommend airports below.

  • Fresno Yosemite (KFAT)

  • Jackson Evers (KJAN)

  • Tyndall AFB (KPAM)

There are so many airports that have a set of parallel runways which is great for training. I hope you the best in journey to becoming IFATC. If you have any questions feel free to PM me!

@Anthony_Morgan @CPT_HILD Opening now for a few hours :)

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Hello @TheUnluckyDucky!

I was M-01 in the Citation X.

I believe you generally have your basics and foundation pretty well mastered, but you need some tweaks here and there.

Here’s my feedback for you:
(timestamped for your reference, if you want to look back)

  1. 12:28:06: On my transition call, the transition altitude (2500ft) you assigned me was perfect!

  2. 12:28:32: You issued me a pattern entry, when I did not declare or request for a landing. Unless a transitioning pilot calls inbound, never do anything about them, just let them fly around at the transition altitude.
    Also, I was to the right of the runways at that time, so the left downwind you issued me was not appropriate.

  3. 12:29:03: When I called inbound, you corrected the pattern entry to right downwind for 30R. Perfect!

  4. 12:29:11: On my clearance, I was not issued a pattern direction. This is important to note, as pilots need to know where to turn after calling inbound for T&Gs.

  5. 12:29:42: You issued me another pattern entry (enter straight in). This is unnecessary.

  6. 12:29:57: You issued an “extend downwind” to CLXVA007, which was again, unnecessary.
    All aircraft flying in VFR conditions for patterns are expected to “see-and-avoid”, where the controller does not need to manually dictate when and where pilots fly.

  7. 12:31:37: Your “turn base” command for CLXVA007 was a little late, if I’m not wrong, it was almost when they were at the end of the ILS cone, when their following aircraft is on very short final.

  8. 12:31:51: I was issued a runway exit command at super high speeds, and I did not indicate that I was stopping the pattern. I had intended to take off again, as I called inbound for T&Gs.

  9. 12:32:25: My runway change to 30L was perfect!

  10. 12:33:53: When I reported that I was stopping (full stop), your clearance afterwards accurately reflected that I was landing, and not “for the option”. Well done!

  11. 12:34:19: American 715’s on guard was a little late :(

  12. 12:34:37: You sent commands to manage American 715’s speed, which should not be the case when they are on final. A more appropriate response would be to send an early go around, or at the very last case, a 360. Aircraft are usually on their final approach speed and it is usually not very possible to slow down even more.

  13. 12:35:00: You resent the “maintain slowest practical speed” to American 715, which as I said before, won’t really work for aircraft on final, as they are already usually at their slowest.

  14. After my touchdown, I was not issued a runway exit command.

  15. 12:39:00: Good management of my runway crossing with the hold short command!

  16. 12:40:30: I was once again not issued a frequency change or runway exit command, and had to request it.

That’s all from me!

While it may seem like a lot of feedback, it’s just a few little things here and there that once corrected will make your controlling perfect.

Thank you for controlling and wanting to join IFATC, and I’ll see you on the team soon!


Hello. I was SkyDubai 888.

I can see that you are new in IFC and have started practicing for ATC which is awesome. There is quite a bit of feedback but do not be disheartened. With more practice, I am sure you will be able to master it in no time.

Feedback below as of Zulu timestamp.

  • 1118: Progressive taxi is not really required.

  • 1120: El Al 371 do not need progressive taxi as well.

  • 1121: As there is no conflict ahead, you may straightaway issue takeoff clearance for me.

  • 1123: Need to review pattern work order. See summary below

  • 1124: Extend downwind not really needed. Towards the end if separation lost between me and El Al 371, either you hold short him first or issue Go Around for me.

  • 1126: You just need me to clear for the option. There is no need to make left/right traffic unless there is runway change. All are expected to make the same left/right patterns until ATC instructed otherwise.

  • 1127: Again, you can issue takeoff clearance directly for El Al 371 as no possible conflict detected

  • 1128: Good job on spotting my runway mistake.

  • 1130: I have managed to TnG at 30L, why you asked me to go around? Haha

  • 1131: When I issued runway change, you did the right thing by asking me to enter Right Downwind 30R.

  • 1133: Again, I don’t see any potential conflict here so extend downwind is not required

  • 1134: CLXVA007 does not need crossing runway. The runway is staggered and if he need to taxi 30L, he can taxi behind the threshold of 30R.

  • 1137: Clearance was given on final. But you say I’m sorry. Is that means my clearance was cancel? If yes that means you never give me clearance on second pattern. When I report full stop, this is an indication that I will be landing, so given you cancel your clearance, you can issue “Clear for landing”. If clearance has been issued before, you can just acknowledge “Roger”

  • 1138: CLXVA007 does not need extend upwind. There is no conflict ahead. Also, N605AW does not need to cross 30L as he is taxiing behind 12R threshold.

  • 1139: Exit command was given at taxiway. Good job on spotting my taxiing on grass, my device was hang during that phase of taxi.

I would say that you get the hang of it, however try not to micromanage too much, both in the air/ground. In summary:

  • Progressive taxi not required unless there is conflict ahead.
  • If no conflict ahead, you can issue takeoff clearance directly, no need LUAW
  • Pattern work: sequence (if any), clear for the option
  • Runway change/inbound aircraft: pattern entry, sequence (if any), clear for the option, make left/right traffic.
  • On (position) runway (), full stop: Acknowledge “Roger”, this gives you time to prepare for exit rwy command.
  • Exit runway: give at 60-70kts for jet aircraft and 40kts for GA.

TL;DR 1: You may refer to these user guide on ATC, especially Section 3.4 on Tower/Pattern Work

TL;DR 2: You may refer to this video on how to master pattern work as well as what you can expect during your practical test in the future :)

Good luck and I hope to see you improve in your next session :)

Signing off,
Southwest 888


Thank you! Yeah that’s a big one for me to issue frequency change when vacating ! I appreciate it and next time I’m atc I’ll give these calls! The shouts for in the air will also be improve don thank you very much…Nate (TheUnluckyDucky) (CLXVA113)

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Thank you I will improve on this I do have time to (due to level 3 violation) so I will get better the feedback helps massivley thank you very much…Nate (TheUnluckyDucky) (CLXVA113)

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