TheSimulationGeek’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ LIRN

Feel free to spawn in and do some patterns!
Spawn into surrounding airports as well, request visual, radar vectors, ILS, and GPS approaches!

Airport: LIRN
Time: 2245z
Runway in use: 06
Server: Training

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@Mattchew_Bald thanks for stopping by!

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No problem nice job!

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Ping me when you’re open

@VortexVolt @Mattchew_Bald opening soon at LJLJ again, will be open for a while. Feel free to stop by!

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Now open at LJLJ!

@VortexVolt @Mattchew_Bald I’m open for the last time at LIRN, practical later today

I’ll drop by and do a bunch of patterns

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I’m also going to come by as well

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Thanks a lot! Anyone else is also welcome to join, the more the merrier

Good luck today! Hopefully your test goes well

Coming by!

oh boy, luxair got slow real fast

Also 7 pilots? Dang, I got my own mock practical here lol

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I am coming right now

@TheSimulationGeek good luck in your test you did great!

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That’s my bad I asked for the wrong airport at first but good job telling me you can’t provide that service lol
Also your tower is going to mess you up bc he just cleared a 747 to go straight in your traffic for rwy 6

Feedback OK-LOL

ILS Approach
No issues!

Good luck on your test, mate!

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No major issues on my end
✅Good visual approach

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Amazing ILS approach done by you. Nice job with speeds to avoid a bust with Luxair.

Nice intercepts and overall you’ve done a very great job!

Good luck on your practical!

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Only thing OK-BEN has is that I intercepted after the LOC according to my APPR, but nothing huge!

Good luck on your practical man! Don’t stress it ; ), I look forward to seeing you in the Officer world! Let us know how it goes!

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