Thermaling with birds

I always seem to thermal with birds but never have the chance to get a pic of it… until now… I love these beautiful things!


Bird tried to fight me last time I flew but you gotta love em still 😅


These guys will fly just a couple inches off my wings sometimes and it makes me feel like I fly with the Blue Angels‼️ 🤙


Until you get hit by one

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Well… hasn’t happened yet at my club… hopefully never happens

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@SB110, @anon38496261, you’re going to like this one ;)


Birds were the og aviation nuts, and something tells me try as we might they’ll always be better at it. We might go Mach 5, and go to space, but they’ll always be able to come and go from the sky as they please, free of charge, and that’s pretty awesome. I know I always stop and looks when I see birds up high riding a thermal, so graceful just chilling there…


Yea! My dad is an airline pilot and said he passed a flock of Canadian geese at 18’000ft!

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