there's no terrain no airport, just shape of montains

global isuue, I fly from Shanghai PD to RJTT, I can see the shape of Fuji Mountain but there’s no cover on it( green, or snow), also RJTT isn’t there. this is second time happened to me, last time is yesterday I fly to Philadelphia.

I’m using iPad Pro 9.7 and iOS 11

I had this once when my internet connection was not strong enough to load the imagery. That might be why.


What are your graphics settings on? Maybe if your settings are higher, then it will display.

I fly again from Tokyo to Honolulu, and this time, airport isn’t there again. I also think there is some internet connect issue, and this time I start in Honolulu to download the area, and quit, and start again in Tokyo airport to start flight, and result is frustrating.

How good is your internet?

My graphic settings are all high. And my connection is good , at least I think is good, but in China some times lost connect with live server or other servers but it’ll reconnect soon. I want to know is terrain download to my iPad once I take off or landing at certain airport, because the size of IF is already 3.9G, in this case terrain should not be a problem of network.

I was just at RJTT and I could see Fuji just fine

In that case I’m not sure - I presume it’s your internet as that would be the only explanation!

You may define graphics as the same thing as rendering, but is that on high? It can make a difference.


It seems that you were not connected to the global server.
At the top right corner of your screen there is a dot(can either be green, orange or red). Tap on that dot to see whether the connection is good. In your case it might be that you were not connected to the global server hence graphics and airports didn’t load.


(see @ewanfleming’s post above)

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Thats portable one of the place with not the highest graphics

Most likely but even if it has poor graphics the airport should be able to load in the scenery.

Deff need a strong connection to store the scenery

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