There's hope for the training server...

There’s only one reason why I am creating this post… everyday I see posts about how people on the playground don’t follow ATC instructions (or don’t know how to). So I wanted to share a different perspective…

I was just doing ATC @ KASE… and look at this beauty…


Ignore Delta 1454 for a second, he was the only one not following instructions as he tried to approach 33 two times even though I told otherwise - anyway, he did depart to the north after his second attempt (and requested the departure)… so even that one I am calling a win…

The four gray jet planes to the east were coming to KASE, three of them requesting RWY 33… after a few instructions and insisting on getting them to 15… look how pretty all 4 of them look…



Thank you Southwest 2273, KLM 292, N775PL and Springbok 0307 for following the instructions!! :)… next time just pick a smaller aircraft! :-D.


It’s not even called the playground anymore. When people realize this…


Nice job buddy, ever thought of a place in IFATC.


Title updated for your pleasure…

Side note: when I started on Live, it was already called Training Server - I just got the “playground” lingo because that’s how everyone called it…(it’s catchy, you gotta give that one). :-).


Working on it. Thank you.

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Most Training server noobs fly on Social so usually any other regions have decent pilots who have access to expert but fly on it for less restrictions and a more relaxed flying experience. e.g. me before this yea because I used to 💩 myself flying on advanced (not literally)


Good point! 😄


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