therealOFNIR2.0’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Using Rwy 17.

no aircraft larger than an A320 please.

Pattern work is allowed.

Are you still open?

Yes sir I am still open

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No complaints from me! The only thing that was bad were my landings


Yeah the winds are pretty bad here irl man no worries lol

Thanks for stopping by

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No problem!

It wasn’t even the winds, it’s me

Hello, I was N776DL if you couldn’t tell overall REALLY good job… couple things I noted-

  • Ground control was spot on

  • You were “over controlling”… meaning you were giving instructions when they weren’t needed…

  • You cleared me for take off RWY17 right traffic then told me to enter right downwind RWY17, its redundant, I’m already in the pattern so you dont have to give me a pattern entry instruction

  • When I was in the air you cleared me for the option RWY17, Right traffic… again redundant because when I took off you told me Right traffic, you only need to give a pattern instruction if something changes (RWY change or if I leave the airspace them come back), if nothing changed then just cleared for the option would suffice

  • For separation, careful using the “ill call your base” command like you used on @A350iscool not wrong but it’s over controlling … you sequenced him number 2 behind traffic on right downwind so it’s his responsibility to maintain separation and properly sequence himself for landing behind me

  • Transition altitude was perfect

  • Pattern entry was good when I called inbound overhead

  • Exit RWY command was perfect


Really good job, you have a very good understanding of general ATC procedures, I think you just need a firmer grasp on the smaller details. Keep practicing :) :)


Okay got I’ll keep working on it. Thanks for the feedback and thank you for stopping by :)

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Hey! Sorry about late feedback. Very good job overall, but 2 minor details about my sesion:

Same happened to me.

And that also happened to me.

Other than that, good job.

Regards. Dani.


Got it, going to work hard on that thanks for the feedback !

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Using Rwys 16R & 16L
Pattern work allowed
Stop by if you’re awake 😉

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Ok honestly dude that was pretty perfect, I didnt really notice anything wrong or off with your ATC for my patterns

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Dani and yourself gave some pretty good and specific feedback so I knew what I needed to do. Thanks my friend !


Using Rwys 35 & 36 ( 7,000 ft in length for both)

Pattern work allowed

Winds gusting @21kts

Please no jets unless you are going to pay attention to the aircraft around you

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Hi, I was with the callsign N739EC; below are listed some of my observations:

  • Ground commands were good.

  • You could have instructed me to line up and wait when Porter 132 was taking off.

  • Runway changes and sequencing were up to the mark.

  • Just at the end, there was very little space between my aircraft and the F-14, so the appropriate command would have been instructing the F-14 to go-around.

Good job overall, hope this was helpful.

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Yeah I was going to give porter the go around but he was going so fast and once I sent it to him he already left the game. Sorry about that but thanks for the feedback !

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Departing Rwys 26R, 26L, 15L, 15R & 27

Landing Rwys 26R, 26L, & 27

Pattern work on Rwy 26R only.

All heavies must use 15L thank you.

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