"There was no champagne offered" premium economy passenger not happy with Singapore Airlines

Most of us who fly premium economy expect nothing more then a slightly comfier seat and some extra legroom, maybe a bigger tv screen if we are lucky. However, a man traveling between Singapore and Melbourne on a Singapore Airlines flight was not happy!

The passenger who was not named posted a complaint to the airlines Facebook page complaining about not being offered the drink on his flight last month. The passenger noted that “we did not (get offered) any champagne by your service crew. Not once throughout the entire flight and this does not reflect as what you have displayed in your premium economy microsite.” However, his complaint didn’t go unanswered with SQ replying that he could have “asked the cabin crew” for the beverage. However, he was still puzzled by why he needs to ask for it because apparently, premium economy is first class now. The man was quick to receive ridicule online with one user noting “Why not have the crew feed you champagne on a tube or something?? Seriously?!”.

Singapore Airlines has noted that champagne is one of the many available beverages available for premium economy passengers. Fair to say the man probably should have upgraded to business if he wanted the business class treatment

The Boeing 777-300ER, the aircraft mostly used on the route photo credit


This is hysterical! A clear example of a spoiled brat.


If a passenger ever acts like this and attacks a flight attendant, their punishment should be flying Spirit.


That’s too nice. Try Vueling. It is truly terrible.

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Lol yeah i see your reasoning for forcing ungrateful people to fly on Spirit/Ryanair

I have flown on many premium economy flights on several airlines (including Singapore) and they didnt offer the drinks, you had to ask for them. I believe most airlines only offer complimentary drinks in Business and First Class!

I’m done. This is just beyond me

Well delta comfort has complimentary alcohol but you have to ask

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